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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
110-Jul-2024Investigating the Sociological Aspects of Goat Raising in Lao PDR to Improve Goat Husbandry and LivelihoodsLiehr, Eoin Patrick; Olmo, Luisa ; Millar, Joanne; Chittavong, Malavanh; Walkden-Brown, Stephen 23-Jul-2024
229-Apr-2024The role of goat production in smallholder systems in Lao PDR: implications for improving productivity and scaling up productionLiehr, Eoin; Millar, Joanne; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Chittavong, Malavanh; Olmo, Luisa 30-Apr-2024
326-Jul-2023Genetic diversity of domestic goats from Central LaosLe, V S ; de las Heras-Saldana, S ; Alexandri, P ; Olmo, L ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; van der Werf, J H J 22-Aug-2023
42023An Analysis of the Goat Value Chain from Lao PDR to Vietnam and a Socio-Economic Sustainable Development PerspectiveBui, Thi Nga; Nguyen, Huu Van; Nguyen, Xuan Ba; Le, Van Nam; Nguyen, Thi Mui; Thi Kim Ngo, Cuc; Ngo, Quyen Thi Le; Hoang, Nam ; Morales, Luis ; Don Nguyen, Viet; Olmo, Luisa ; Walken-Brown, Stephen; Le, Thi Thu Huong13-May-2024
52023Evaluation of anthelmintic efficacy in Savannakhet province, Lao PDRXaikhue, Thaixiong; Olmo, Luisa ; Colvin, Alison ; Theppangna, Wattana; Vannivong, T; Phommasoneand, P; Walkden-Brown, Stephen 1-Jun-2024
64-Jul-2022Improving Lao goat production when resources are limitedOlmo, L ; Phengvilaysouk, A; Colvin, A F; Phengsavanh, P; Millar, J; Walkden-Brown, S W5-Oct-2023
7Jul-2022Changes in farmer animal health and biosecurity knowledge, attitudes and practices: Insights from Cambodia and LaosMacPhillamy, Isabel; Olmo, Luisa ; Young, James; Nampanya, Sonevilay; Suon, Sothoeun; Khounsy, Syseng; Windsor, Peter; Toribio, Jenny‐Ann; Bush, Russell1-May-2024
82022Smallholder goat production systems in Lao PDR: assessing production efficiencyColvin, A F ; Olmo, L ; Phengvilaysouk, A; Millar, J; Gray, G D ; Phengsavanh, P; Walkden-Brown, S W 1-May-2023
92022Smallholder goat raising in Lao PDR: is there potential to improve management and productivity?Millar, Joanne; Colvin, Alison ; Phengvilaysouk, A; Phengsavanh, P; Olmo, L ; Walkden-Brown, S W 1-Jun-2024
10Dec-2021Investigation of animal health and husbandry practices in smallholder pig production systems in Timor-Lestede Almeida, Alipio ; Olmo, Luisa ; Copland, Richard; Alders, Robyn; Toribio, Jenny-Ann L M L14-May-2024
1124-Sep-2021Are infectious reproductive pathogens of large ruminants a threat to improving food security? An investigation from CambodiaOlmo, Luisa ; Reichel, Michael Philipp; Windsor, Peter Andrew; Suon, Sothoeun; Wahl, Lloyd Christian; Thomson, Peter Campbell; Bush, Russell David21-May-2024
122021Provision of urea–molasses blocks to improve smallholder cattle weight gain during the late dry season in tropical developing countries: studies from Lao PDRWindsor, P A; Nampanya, S; Olmo, L ; Khounsy, S; Phengsavanh, P; Bush, R D16-May-2024
132021An investigation of interventions associated with improved cattle and buffalo reproductive performance and farmer knowledge on smallholder farms in Lao PDROlmo, L ; Young, J R; Nampanya, S; MacPhillamy, I B; Khounsy, S; Thomson, P C; Windsor, P A; Bush, R D29-Apr-2022
142020Can fenbendazole-medicated molasses blocks control Toxocara vitulorum in smallholder cattle and buffalo calves in developing countries? Studies from upland Lao PDROlmo, L ; Nampanya, S; Nemanic, T S; Selwood, N; Khounsy, S; Young, J R; Thomson, P C; Bush, R D; Windsor, P A29-May-2024
158-Aug-2019Risk factors for Neospora caninum, bovine viral diarrhoea virus, and Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo infection in smallholder cattle and buffalo in Lao PDROlmo, Luisa ; Reichel, Michael P; Nampanya, Sonevilay; Khounsy, Syseng; Wahl, Lloyd C; Clark, Bethanie A; Thomson, Peter C; Windsor, Peter A; Bush, Russell D21-May-2024
16Jan-2018Investigation of infectious reproductive pathogens of large ruminants: Are neosporosis, brucellosis, leptospirosis and BVDV of relevance in Lao PDR?Olmo, L ; Dye, M T; Reichel, M P; Young, J R; Nampanya, S; Khounsy, S; Thomson, P C; Windsor, P A; Bush, R D16-May-2024
17Dec-2017Investigation of smallholder farmer biosecurity and implications for sustainable foot-and-mouth disease control in CambodiaYoung, J R; Suon, S; Olmo, L ; Bun, C; Hok, C; Ashley, K; Bush, R D; Windsor, P A17-May-2024
18Jan-2017Improving smallholder cattle reproductive efficiency in Cambodia to address expanding regional beef demandOlmo, L ; Ashley, K; Young, J R; Suon, S; Thomson, P C; Windsor, P A; Bush, R D9-Apr-2024
19-Genetic diversity, population structure and origin of the native goats in Central LaosLe, Sang V; de las Heras-Saldana, Sara ; Alexandri, Panoraia ; Olmo, Luisa ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Van Der Werf, Julius H J 17-May-2024

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Olmo, Luisa
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Livestock Production Systems)
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