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11-Apr-2021Solving 'wicked problems' in the app co-design processSkuse, Andrew; Rodger, Dianne; Wilmore, Michael ; Humphreys, Sal; Dalton, Julia; Clifton, Vicki19-Apr-2022
23-Feb-2021The Image of Musical Celebrity in the Nineteenth CenturyCampbell, Rachel Michelle; Wilmore, Michael ; Davison, Alan 14-Dec-2023
316-May-2018The Health-e Babies App for antenatal education: Feasibility for socially disadvantaged womenDalton, Julia A; Rodger, Dianne; Wilmore, Michael ; Humphreys, Sal; Skuse, Andrew; Roberts, Claire T; Clifton, Vicki L29-Apr-2022
421-Mar-2018The Double Flip: Applying a Flipped Learning Approach to Teach the Teacher and Improve Student SatisfactionKehoe, Thomas ; Schofield, Penelope; Branigan, Elizabeth; Wilmore, Michael 26-Apr-2022
52017'Passing Time': A Qualitative Study of Health Promotion Practices in an Antenatal Clinic Waiting RoomRodger, Dianne; Skuse, Andrew; Wilmore, Michael 9-May-2022
62017Media and minority ethnic political identity in NepalGreenland, Natalie; Wilmore, Michael 6-May-2022
71-Jun-2016Graduates' Attitudes to Research Skill Development in Undergraduate Media EducationWilmore, Michael ; Willison, John29-Apr-2022

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