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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
17-Jun-2019Profilin Diffusion in Live Cell MembranesDavey, Rhonda June ; Moens, Pierre ; Andronicos, Nicholas ; Digman, Michelle 16-Jan-2024
22018Quantitative image mean squared displacement (iMSD) analysis of the dynamics of profilin 1 at the membrane of live cellsDavey, Rhonda ; Digman, Michelle ; Gratton, Enrico; Moens, Pierre 19-Jun-2018
326-Jul-2017Mechanoresponsive stem cells to target cancer metastases through biophysical cuesLiu, Linan; Zhang, Shirley X; Liao, Wenbin; Farhoodi, Henry P; Wong, Chi W; Chen, Claire C; Ségaliny, Aude I; Chacko, Jenu V; Nguyen, Lily P; Lu, Mengrou; Polovin, George; Pone, Egest J; Downing, Timothy L; Lawson, Devon A; Digman, Michelle A ; Zhao, Weian27-Mar-2023
415-Jul-2017Spatial analysis of Cdc42 activity reveals a role for plasma membrane–associated Cdc42 in centrosome regulationHerrington, Kari A; Trinh, Andrew L; Dang, Carolyn; O'Shaughnessy, Ellen; Hahn, Klaus M; Gratton, Enrico; Digman, Michelle A ; Sütterlin, Christine29-Apr-2022
52017A laser-scanning confocal microscopy study of carrageenan in red algae from seaweed farms near the Caribbean entrance of the Panama CanalBatista de Vega, Gloria; Ceballos, Jorge A; Anzalone, Andrea; Digman, Michelle A ; Gratton, Enrico28-Apr-2022
6Dec-2016Elucidation of Exosome Migration Across the Blood-Brain Barrier Model In VitroChen, Claire C; Liu, Linan; Ma, Fengxia; Wong, Chi W; Guo, Xuning E; Chacko, Jenu V; Farhoodi, Henry P; Zhang, Shirley X; Zimak, Jan; Segaliny, Aude; Riazifar, Milad; Pham, Victor; Digman, Michelle A ; Pone, Egest J; Zhao, Weian28-Apr-2022
7Sep-2016Self-assisted optothermal trapping of gold nanorods under two-photon excitationChen, Hongtao; Gratton, Enrico; Digman, Michelle 28-Apr-2022
82015Host Cell Plasma Membrane Phosphatidylserine Regulates the Assembly and Budding of Ebola VirusAdu-Gyamfi, Emmanuel; Johnson, Kristen A; Fraser, Mark E; Scott, Jordan L; Soni, Smita P; Jones, Keaton R; Gratton, Enrico; Tessier, Charles R; Stahelina, Robert V; Digman, Michelle 6-Nov-2017
92015Digital quantification of miRNA directly in plasma using integrated comprehensive droplet digital detectionZhang, Kaixiang; Kang, Dong-Ku; Gratton, Enrico; Li, Jinghong; Zhao, Weian; Ali, M Monsur; Liu, Linan; Labanieh, Louai; Lu, Mengrou; Riazifar, Hamidreza; Nguyen, Thi N; Zell, Jason A; Digman, Michelle 6-Nov-2017
102015Modes of Diffusion of Cholera Toxin Bound to GM1 on Live Cell Membrane by Image Mean Square Displacement AnalysisMoens, Pierre ; Digman, Michelle ; Gratton, Enrico14-May-2015
112014Rapid detection of single bacteria in unprocessed blood using Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital DetectionKang, Dong-Ku; Ali, M Monsur; Zhang, Kaixiang; Huang, Susan S; Peterson, Ellena; Digman, Michelle ; Gratton, Enrico; Zhao, Weian6-Nov-2017

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Michelle Digman
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Digman, Michelle
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