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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2021The Segmented Colour Feature Extreme Learning Machine: Applications in Agricultural RoboticsSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Greg ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David W 16-Nov-2021
27-Feb-2019Pressure-varying Langmuir parameters and stepped nitrogen adsorption on alumina and silicaBrown, Trevor C ; Miron, David J ; Fellows, Christopher M 2-Mar-2020
327-Oct-2018The MEC-ELM and its Application in Robotic Vision for Pastoral LandscapesSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 23-Jan-2024
42018Real-time object detection in agricultural/remote environments using the multiple-expert colour feature extreme learning machine (MEC-ELM)Sadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David 10-May-2018
52017Fast object detection in pastoral landscapes using a Colour Feature Extreme Learning MachineSadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 14-Jun-2017
62016Time- and Temperature-Varying Activation Energies: Isobutane Selective Oxidation to Methacrolein over Phosphomolybdic Acid and Copper(II) PhosphomolybdatesBrown, Trevor C ; Miron, David J ; Brown, Susannah L; Kendell, Shane M8-Mar-2017
72013Time-Varying Flexible Least Squares for Thermal Desorption of GasesMiron, David J ; Kendell, Shane; Munshi, Alaa M; Alanazi, Abdullah K; Brown, Trevor C 23-May-2013
82013Rate Parameter Distributions for Isobutane Dehydrogenation and Isobutene Dimerization and Desorption over HZSM-5Brown, Trevor C ; Miron, David J ; Alanazi, Abdullah K; Le Minh, Cam10-Feb-2014
92012Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage and Dehydrogenation of Isobutane Over HZSM-5 at Low Pressures and TemperaturesLe Minh, Cam; Alanazi, Abdullah K; Miron, David J ; Brown, Trevor C 18-Feb-2013
102010Towards a national livestock disease modelHappold, Jonathan; Garner, Graeme; Miron, David John ; Sajeev, Abudulkadir ; Kwan, Paul H ; Welch, Mitchell 12-Jun-2012
112009Probabilistic Modelling of Cattle Farm Distribution in AustraliaEmelyanova, IV; Donald, Graham; Miron, David John ; Henry, DA; Garner, MG13-Dec-2011
122007Agent Based Model of Livestock MovementsMiron, David John ; Emelyanova, IV; Donald, Graham; Garner, GM11-Jan-2012
132007A Conceptual Framework for Human Decision Making within Agent Based ModelsMiron, David John 11-Jan-2012
141999Estimating Computer Performance for Parallel Sparse QR FactorisationMiron, David J ; Lenders, Patrick M18-Nov-2020

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