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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Attributive Indiscernibility and the notion of BM-SpacesChakrabarty, Kankana 
22005Decision analysis under uncertainty for e-learning environmentChakrabarty, Kankana 
32004Decision Analysis Using IC-BagsChakrabarty, K 
42009Decision Modeling and BagsChakrabarty, Kankana 
52008Functional Independence of Elements and Perceptual Confidence FactorsChakrabarty, Kankana 
62009Fuzzy Shadows in Knowledge ModelingChakrabarty, Kankana ; Nanda, Sudarsan
72003IC-Bags and Decision AnalysisChakrabarty, Kankana 
82003Intuition in Soft Decision AnalysisChakrabarty, K 
92007n^k-BagsChakrabarty, Kankana ; Despi, Ioan
102006A Neural Network Abductive ModelYue, Xu; Chakrabarty, Kankana ; Zhang, Chengqi
112011A New Intuitionitic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Building MethodDespi, Ioan; Song, Gu Yin; Chakrabarty, Kankana 
122005A Note On Fixed Point Theorem For Fuzzy MappingsChakrabarty, K ; Nanda, S
132004A Note on Hybrid Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Web Page ClassificationXu, Yue; Chakrabarty, Kankana 
142011A Note on Knowledge Representation Using BB-MappingsChakrabarty, Kankana ; Despi, Ioan
152010A Note on the Effect of Knowledge Refinement on Bag StructuresChakrabarty, Kankana 
162004Notion of Fuzzy IC-BagsChakrabarty, K 
172012The Notion of Intuitionistic Fuzzy IC-BagsChakrabarty, Kankana 
182013On B-GroupsChakrabarty, Kankana 
192004On Fuzzy ShadowsChakrabarty, Kankana 
202006On IC-Bag Based SystemsChakrabarty, Kankana 

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Dr Kankana Chakrabarty
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Chakrabarty, Kankana
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School of Science and Technology