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12013Can Training Help Teachers Include Humour to Engage Adolescents with Challenging Behaviour?Mead, Gabrielle Marie; Winn, Stephen ; Kuyini-Abubakar, Ahmed30-Sep-2013
22011Using Technology to Increase Support for Rural and Regional Legal ProfessionalsKennedy, Amanda L ; Winn, Stephen 7-Jul-2011
32011Inclusion for deaf and hard of hearing students - let's get it right!Price, Ruth Elizabeth; Paterson, David; Winn, Stephen 13-Oct-2011
42011Professional experience preparation: Does distance make a difference?Masters, Yvonne ; Winn, Stephen 2-Apr-2012
52011The Inter-relationship Across Achievement, Self-handicapping, Self-concept, and Self-efficacy for School StudentsStevenson, Yvonne Mona; Hay, Ian ; Winn, Stephen 25-Sep-2012
62009Transition from school for youths with a disability: issues and challengesWinn, Stephen ; Hay, Ian3-Feb-2010
72007Sign Language Acquisition and Use by Single-Generation Deaf Adults in Australia Who Attended Specific Educational Settings for Deaf and Hard of Hearing ChildrenWinn, Stephen 20-May-2009
82007Employment Outcomes for the Congenitally Deaf in Australia: Has Anything Changed?Winn, Stephen 31-Jul-2009
92007Preservice Preparation of Teachers of the Deaf in the Twenty-First Century: A Case Study of Griffith University, AustraliaWinn, Stephen 3-Aug-2009
102006Is there a link between hearing aid use, employment and income?Winn, S 18-Jul-2008
112005Students with Asperger's Syndrome in an Inclusive Secondary School Environment: Teachers', Parents', and Students' PerspectivesHay, I; Winn, S 29-Jul-2008
122005Post-school outcomes for congenitally deaf adults in Australia: A marginalized minorityWinn, S 29-Jul-2008
132004University and School Connections: Enhancing literacy development of primary aged children with challenging needs and the skills of special education teachers in trainingWinn, S ; Zundans, L18-Jul-2008
142004Noise and Teacher and Student Stress: A Flawed Inclusive Approach in Inappropriate Facilities?Winn, Stephen ; Hay, Ian6-Aug-2012
152003The Sources of Stress for Special Educators Working in Inclusive EnvironmentsHay, Ian; Winn, Stephen 3-Aug-2009

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