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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12022'Creative histories' and the Australian contextLindsey, Kiera ; Smith, Mariko; Clark, Anna; Batty, Craig; Brien, Donna ; Landers, Rachel13-May-2022
22022Speculative Biography: Experiments, Opportunities and ProvocationsBrien, Donna Lee ; Lindsey, Kiera 3-Sep-2021
32022The Speculative Method: Scientific Guesswork and Narrative as LaboratoryLindsey, Kiera 27-Sep-2021
42022Experiments, Opportunities and Provocations in Speculative Biography: Opening and OverviewBrien, Donna Lee ; Lindsey, Kiera 9-Sep-2021
52022On the Threshold: Conceptual SpeculationMurphy, Ffion; Brien, Donna Lee ; Lindsey, Kiera 28-Sep-2021
62022Scrying the lost Wildflowers of "Wee Witchee Wee"Lindsey, Kiera 28-Sep-2021
723-Jun-2021'Setting the Scene': Statue Wars and Ungrateful CitizensLindsey, Kiera ; Smith, Mariko14-Sep-2021
82021'Remembering Aesi': Women's History, Dialogical Memorials and Sydney's StatuaryLindsey, Kiera 24-Sep-2021
97-Jun-2020'A Short Time Before Her Death'Lindsey, Kiera 14-Sep-2021
107-Jun-2020'Grave-Paved Stars': Comparing the Death of Two Artists in Nineteenth-Century RomeLindsey, Kiera 14-Sep-2021
111-Mar-2020Indigenous approaches to the past: 'Creative histories' at the Hyde Park Barracks, SydneyLindsey, Kiera 7-Sep-2021
122020"Resourceful Reinvention": Speculative Biography as Public History?Lindsey, Kiera 28-Sep-2021
1330-Jun-2019A Runaway Romance: Sydney 1848Lindsey, Kiera 7-Feb-2022
1431-Oct-2018'Deliberate freedom': using speculation and imagination in historical biographyLindsey, Kiera 22-Sep-2021
151-Dec-2017For the Love of Nature: Exploring the Importance of Species Diversity and Micro-Variables Associated with Favorite Outdoor PlacesSchebella, Morgan F; Weber, Delene; Lindsey, Kiera ; Daniels, Christopher B14-Sep-2021
1630-May-2016The interesting Mrs AbellLindsey, Kiera 18-Jun-2024
172016The Convict's Daughter: The scandal that shocked a colonyLindsey, Kiera 5-May-2022
182014'The Absolute Distress of Females': Irish Abduction and the British Newspapers, 1800 to 1850Lindsey, Kiera 14-Sep-2021
192013'So Much Recklessness': Abduction in the Colony of New South WalesLindsey, Kiera 14-Sep-2021
202009a mistress of her own actions: the abduction of miss Gill, Sydney 1848Lindsey, Kiera 13-Sep-2021
21Jan-2004Exploring the British World: Identity, Cultural Production, InstitutionsDarian-Smith, Kate; Grimshaw, Patricia; Lindsey, Kiera ; Macintyre, Stuart10-Dec-2021

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Lindsey, Kiera
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Research Fellow
Dr Kiera Lindsey is an award-winning historian who has over twenty years of teaching experience in the tertiary sector and is currently a Senior Research Fellow conducting an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) entitled ‘Speculative biography, historical craft and the case of Adelaide Ironside’. She has published single and co-authored book chapters and journal articles on nineteenth-century history, historical craft and biography, public histories and ‘Creative Histories’. Her first monograph was a speculative biography entitled, The Convict’s Daughter, which was published with Allen & Unwin in 2016 and described as ‘fearlessly carving a new path between history and fiction’. Her second is concerned with the colonial artist and republican, mystic and medium, Adelaide Ironside (1831-1867), and will be published with Allen & Unwin in 2022. With Professor Donna Lee Brien, she is the co-editor on a new Routledge collection on Speculative Biography which will be published in 2022. Kiera is currently the Vice President of the History Council of New South Wales, a member of the Sydney Living Museum’s Curatorial and Public Engagement Committee, and on the editorial board for the journal of Global Nineteenth-Century Studies. She has also been an on-camera historian and a regular guest on ABC Radio National and presented her masterclass on speculative biography in both national and international contexts.
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