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127-Dec-2022Explainer: Enforced Disappearances and Torture Finally Criminal Offences in ThailandSmith, Nucharee; Smith, Robert 11-Jan-2023
227-Jul-2022Myanmar's Digital Dictatorship: An Extreme Example of the Use and Abuse of Social MediaSmith, Robert ; Smith, Nucharee14-Nov-2022
3Jul-2022Use and Abuse of Social Media in Myanmar between 2010 and 2022Smith, Robert ; Smith, Nucharee1-Jul-2022
42022Fake News and the Pandemic in Southeast AsiaSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 30-May-2022
52022Thailand: legislative response to torture and enforced disappearancesSmith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Smith, Robert Brian 17-Jan-2023
6Jul-2021Fake News and the Convention on CybercrimeSmith, Robert ; Perry, Mark 20-Aug-2021
72021Harmonisation of Anti-Fake News Legislation in ASEAN: Computer & Internet LawSmith, Robert 3-Sep-2021
81-Nov-2020Cybercrime in ASEAN: Anti-Child Pornography LegislationSmith, Robert Brian 26-Aug-2021

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Robert B Smith
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Smith, Robert Brian
Smith, Robert B
Smith, Robert Brian
Smith, R B
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Dr Robert Smith graduated with a BSc in 1969 and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Education, Engineering and Law. He holds a PhD in engineering and has submitted his PhD thesis in law at the University of New England, Australia, where he has already been awarded an MPhil in law. Over the last 12 years, Robert has undertaken consulting in international development, specialising in institutional strengthening. He has led international teams in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh. He is a prolific writer in the fields of law and international development. His MPhil investigated “Fake News in ASEAN” whilst his PhD thesis, by publication, investigated “IP Frameworks and Innovation in the Agricultural Sector in Southeast Asia – A Legal Perspective.” All the papers prepared as part of the thesis research and forming eight of the thesis Chapters have been published as either book chapters, academic papers or conference proceedings. He aims to share his knowledge and experience with the broader community so that they can learn from and build on what he has written. His main research interests include ASEAN law, intellectual property law, fake news and international development.
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