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1Dec-2022Earth oven cookery and cuisines in Aboriginal Australia: Ethnographic and ethnohistoric insights from Western Cape York Peninsula and the Southern Murray Darling BasinMorrison, Michael ; Roberts, Amy; McNaughton, Darlene ; Westell, Craig; Jones, Robert 15-Sep-2023
25-Nov-2021Leadership development among public health officials in Nepal: A grounded theorySubedi, Sudarshan; MacDougall, Colin; McNaughton, Darlene ; Saikia, Udoy; Brabazon, Tara18-Apr-2024
32021Implications for clients when nurses view weight as main cause of Type 2 diabetes in primary careSmith, Cynthia J; McNaughton, Darlene A ; Meyer, Samantha B30-Apr-2024
42021Food Charity, Shame/ing and the Enactment of WorthMcNaughton, Darlene ; Middleton, Georgia; Mehta, Kaye; Booth, Sue9-May-2022
5Dec-2020Critical consciousness development: a systematic review of empirical studiesPillen, Heath; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul R3-Apr-2024
62020Monitoring the 'diabetes epidemic': A framing analysis of United Kingdom print news 1993-2013Foley, Kristen; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul7-May-2024
72020A review of critical pedagogies in health and social care: findings from a ‘best fit’ framework synthesisPillen, Heath; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul R19-Apr-2024
82020Developing a Fit-for-Purpose Frame Analysis Technique to Understand British Newspaper Presentations of DiabetesFoley, Kristen; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul19-Apr-2024
9Dec-2019Pursuing Social Justice Through Collaborative Archaeologies in Aboriginal AustraliaSmith, C; Burke, H; Ralph, J; Pollard, K; Gorman, A; Wilson, C; Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Wesley, D; Morrison, M ; McNaughton, D ; Domingo, I; Moffat, I; Roberts, A; Koolmatrie, J; Willika, J; Pamkal, B; Jackson, G18-Sep-2020
102019War Capitalism and the Expropriation of Country: Spatial Analysis of Indigenous and Settler-Colonial Entanglements in North Eastern Australia, 1864-1939Morrison, Michael ; Della-Sale, Amy; McNaughton, Darlene 18-Sep-2020
112019Alcohol and breast cancer risk: Middle-aged women's logic and recommendations for reducing consumption in AustraliaMeyer, Samantha B; Foley, Kristen; Olver, Ian; Ward, Paul R; McNaughton, Darlene ; Mwanri, Lillian; Miller, Emma R8-May-2024
122019Innovating Qualitative Framing Analysis for Purposes of Media Analysis Within Public Health InquiryFoley, K; Ward, P; McNaughton, D 11-Apr-2024
132018The Importance of Water Typologies in Lay Entomologies of Aedes aegypti Habitat, Breeding and Dengue Risk: A Study from Northern AustraliaMcNaughton, Darlene ; Miller, Emma R; Tsourtos, George16-May-2024
142018The experiences and perceptions of food banks amongst users in high-income countries: An international scoping reviewMiddleton, Georgia; Mehta, Kaye; McNaughton, Darlene ; Booth, Sue21-May-2024
152018'It's Just about the Crime, Not the Victim': Critical Insights from Australian Service Providers Working with People Who Have Been TraffickedGeorge, Emma; Tsourtos, George; McNaughton, Darlene 27-Mar-2024
162017Bariatric surgery revisions and private health insuranceMeyer, Samantha B; Thompson, Campbell; Hakendorf, Paul; Horwood, Chris; McNaughton, Darlene ; Gray, John; Ward, Paul R; Mwanri, Lillian; Booth, Sue; Kow, Lilian; Chisholm, Jacob7-May-2024
172017Understanding the links between resilience and type-2 diabetes self-management: a qualitative study in South AustraliaWilson, A L; McNaughton, Darlene ; Meyer, S B; Ward, P R29-May-2024
182017An Interpretive Analysis of Australia's Approach to Human Trafficking and Its Focus on Criminal Justice Over Public HealthGeorge, Emma; McNaughton, Darlene ; Tsourtos, George21-May-2024
192016'My Country is like my Mother...': respect, care, interaction and closeness as principles for undertaking cultural heritage assessmentsMcNaughton, Darlene ; Morrison, Michael ; Schill, Cassie18-Sep-2020
202016Client perceptions of group education in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in South AustraliaSmith, Cynthia; McNaughton, Darlene A ; Meyer, Samantha15-May-2024
212016Diabesity, Or The "Twin Epidemics": Reflections On The Iatrogenic Consequences Of Stigmatizing Lifestyle To Reduce The Incidence Of Diabetes Mellitus In CanadaMcNaughton, Darlene ; Smith, Cynthia30-May-2024
222016Being Overweight Causes Type 2 DiabetesSmith, C; McNaughton, Darlen ; Meyer, S30-May-2024
23Jul-2015"Their God is their belly": Moravian missionaries at the Weipa Mission (1898-1932), Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael ; McNaughton, Darlene ; Keating, Claire18-Sep-2020
24Feb-2015Ethical Use of Social Media to Facilitate Qualitative ResearchLunnay, Belinda; Borlagdan, Joseph; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul27-Mar-2024
252015Quantitative analysis of bariatric procedure trends 2001–13 in South Australia: implications for equity in access and public healthcare expenditureMeyer, Samantha B; Booth, Sue; Gray, John; Hakendorf, Paul; McNaughton, Darlene ; Mwanri, Lillian; Thompson, Campbell; Ward, Paul R8-May-2024
262015Making the unconscious conscious using photo elicitationMcNaughton, Darlene 30-May-2024
272015The social determinants of health for people with type 1 diabetes that progress to end-stage renal diseaseHill, Kathleen E; Gleadle, Jonathan M; Pulvirenti, Mariastella; McNaughton, Darlene A 30-Apr-2024
28Jul-2012New Approaches to the Archaeological Investigation of Culturally Modified Trees: A Case Study from Western Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael ; Shepard, Emily; McNaughton, Darlene ; Allen, Kathryn16-Sep-2020
292010Mission-Based Indigenous Production at the Weipa Presbyterian Mission, Western Cape York Peninsula (1932-66)Morrison, Michael ; McNaughton, Darlene ; Shiner, Justin16-Sep-2020
30-The Hearth as the Heart of the Family: Aboriginal Foodways and Daily Lives at the Former Weipa Mission (1898–1932), Waypandan, North-Eastern AustraliaMorrison, Michael ; McNaughton, Darlene ; Hector, Florence; Gordon, Ivy; Woodley, Maurice; Gordon, Robert; Gordon, Leonard; Gordon, Dorothy; Gordon, Leanne; Woodley, Amanda; John, Simeon; Gordon, Graham; Gordon, Pamela; Schill, Cassandra; Mulligan, Alvine; Asmussen, Brit; Claudie, David13-Jun-2024

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