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1Dec-2022Earth oven cookery and cuisines in Aboriginal Australia: Ethnographic and ethnohistoric insights from Western Cape York Peninsula and the Southern Murray Darling BasinMorrison, Michael ; Roberts, Amy; McNaughton, Darlene ; Westell, Craig; Jones, Robert 15-Sep-2023
29-Jun-2022Silent Voices: Contemporary Issues in Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management in NSW, AustraliaDoyle, Bettyann; Morrison, Michael ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 14-Nov-2023
32020A report on a tektite (australite) artefact from Calperum Station in the western central River Murray region, South AustraliaRoberts, Amy; Morton, Catherine; Westell, Craig; Burke, Heather; Morrison, Mick 25-Mar-2021
42020Initial results and observations on a radiocarbon dating program in the Riverland region of South AustraliaWestell, Craig; Roberts, Amy; Morrison, Mick ; Jacobsen, Geraldine25-Mar-2021
5Dec-2019An archaeological investigation of local Aboriginal responses to European colonisation in the South Australian Riverland via and assessment of culturally modified treesDardengo, Mia; Roberts, Amy; Morrison, Mick 30-Sep-2020
6Dec-2019Pursuing Social Justice Through Collaborative Archaeologies in Aboriginal AustraliaSmith, C; Burke, H; Ralph, J; Pollard, K; Gorman, A; Wilson, C; Hemming, S; Rigney, D; Wesley, D; Morrison, M ; McNaughton, D ; Domingo, I; Moffat, I; Roberts, A; Koolmatrie, J; Willika, J; Pamkal, B; Jackson, G18-Sep-2020
73-Sep-2019Results of archaeological surveys of the Pianamu cultural landscape, central Cape York Peninsula, 2014-2016Tutchener, David; Claudie, David; Morrison, Michael 29-Nov-2021
830-Aug-2019Archaeological assessment reveals Earth's early transformation through land useStephens, Lucas; Fuller, Dorian; Boivin, Nicole; Rick, Torben; Gauthier, Nicolas; Kay, Andrea; Marwick, Ben; Armstrong, Chelsey Geralda Denise; Barton, C Michael; Denham, Tim; Douglass, Kristina; Driver, Jonathan; Janz, Lisa; Roberts, Patrick; Rogers, J Daniel; Thakar, Heather; Altaweel, Mark; Johnson, Amber L; Vattuone, Maria Marta Sampietro; Aldenderfer, Mark; Archila, Sonia; Artioli, Gilberto; Bale, Martin T; Beach, Timothy; Borrell, Ferran; Braje, Todd; Buckland, Philip I; Cano, Nayeli Guadalupe Jimenez; Capriles, Jose M; Castillo, Agustin Diez; Cilingiroglu, Ciler; Cleary, Michelle Negus; Conolly, James; Coutros, Peter R; Covey, R Alan; Cremaschi, Mauro; Crowther, Alison; Der, Lindsay; di Lernia, Savino; Doershuk, John F; Doolittle, William E; Edwards, Kevin J; Erlandson, Jon M; Evans, Damian; Fairbairn, Andrew; Faulkner, Patrick; Feinman, Gary; Fernandes, Ricardo; Fitzpatrick, Scott M; Fyfe, Ralph; Garcea, Elena; Goldstein, Steve; Goodman, Reed Charles; Guedes, Jade Dalpoim; Herrmann, Jason; Hiscock, Peter; Hommel, Peter; Horsburgh, K Ann; Hritz, Carrie; Ives, John W; Junno, Aripekka; Kahn, Jennifer G; Kaufman, Brett; Kearns, Catherine; Kidder, Tristram R; Lanoe, Francois; Lawrence, Dan; Lee, Gyoung-Ah; Levin, Maureece J; Lindskoug, Henrik B; Lopez-Saez, Jose Antonio; Macrae, Scott; Marchant, Rob; Marston, John M; McClure, Sarah; McCoy, Mark D; Miller, Alicia Ventresca; Morrison, Michael ; Matuzeviciute, Giedre Motuzaite; Muller, Johannes; Nayak, Ayushi; Noerwidi, Sofwan; Peres, Tanya M; Peterson, Christian E; Proctor, Lucas; Randall, Asa R; Renette, Steve; Schug, Gwen Robbins; Ryzewski, Krysta; Saini, Rakesh; Scheinsohn, Vivian; Schmidt, Peter; Sebillaud, Pauline; Seitsonen, Oula; Simpson, Ian A; Sołtysiak, Arkadiusz; Speakman, Robert J; Spengler, Robert N; Steffen, Martina L; Storozum, Michael J; Strickland, Keir M; Thompson, Jessica; Thurston, T L; Ulm, Sean; Ustunkaya, M Cemre; Welker, Martin H; West, Catherine; Williams, Patrick Ryan; Wright, David K; Wright, Nathan; Zahir, Muhammad; Zerboni, Andrea; Beaudoin, Ella; Garcia, Santiago Munevar; Powell, Jeremy; Thornton, Alexa; Kaplan, Jed O; Gaillard, Marie-Jose; Goldewijk, Kees Klein; Ellis, Erle16-Sep-2020
92019War Capitalism and the Expropriation of Country: Spatial Analysis of Indigenous and Settler-Colonial Entanglements in North Eastern Australia, 1864-1939Morrison, Michael ; Della-Sale, Amy; McNaughton, Darlene 18-Sep-2020
102019A geophysical analysis of Aboriginal earth mounds in the Murray River Valley, South AustraliaRoss, Dave; Morrison, Michael ; Simyrdanis, Kleanthis; Roberts, Amy; Moffat, Ian23-Oct-2020
112018Report on excavation of a shell mound site at Mandjungaar, western Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael ; Wight, Chantal; Evans, Emily18-Sep-2020
12Dec-2017An Analysis of Indigenous Earth Mounds on the Calperum Floodplain, Riverland, South AustraliaJones, Robert; Morrison, Michael ; Roberts, Amy23-Oct-2020
13Mar-2017'They call 'im Crowie': an investigation of the Aboriginal significance attributed to a wrecked River Murray barge in South AustraliaRoberts, Amy; van Duivenvoorde, Wendy; Morrison, Michael ; Moffat, Ian; Burke, Heather; Kowlessar, Jarrad; Naumann, John18-Sep-2020
142017The Archaeologist's Field Handbook: The Essential Guide for Beginners and Professionals in AustraliaBurke, Heather; Morrison, Michael ; Smith, Claire20-Sep-2021
15Dec-2016The space of conflict: Aboriginal/European interactions and frontier violence on the western Central Murray, South Australia, 1830-41Burke, Heather; Roberts, Amy; Morrison, Mick ; Sullivan, Vanessa23-Oct-2020
162016'My Country is like my Mother...': respect, care, interaction and closeness as principles for undertaking cultural heritage assessmentsMcNaughton, Darlene ; Morrison, Michael ; Schill, Cassie18-Sep-2020
17Jul-2015"Their God is their belly": Moravian missionaries at the Weipa Mission (1898-1932), Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael ; McNaughton, Darlene ; Keating, Claire18-Sep-2020
182015Late Holocene Aboriginal shellfish production strategies in northern Australia: Insights from Prunung (Red Beach), Weipa, Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael 16-Sep-2020
19Dec-2014Chronological trends in late Holocene shell mound construction across northern Australia: Insights from Albatross Bay, Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael 16-Sep-2020
20Jul-2013Niche production strategies and shell matrix site variability at Albatross Bay, Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael 16-Sep-2020
212013From scatter to mound: A new developmental model for shell mound sites at WeipaMorrison, Mick 16-Sep-2020
222013The archaeology of culturally modified trees: Indigenous economic diversification within colonial intercultural settings in Cape York Peninsula, northeastern AustraliaMorrison, Mick ; Shepard, Emily16-Sep-2020
23Jul-2012New Approaches to the Archaeological Investigation of Culturally Modified Trees: A Case Study from Western Cape York PeninsulaMorrison, Michael ; Shepard, Emily; McNaughton, Darlene ; Allen, Kathryn16-Sep-2020
242010Mission-Based Indigenous Production at the Weipa Presbyterian Mission, Western Cape York Peninsula (1932-66)Morrison, Michael ; McNaughton, Darlene ; Shiner, Justin16-Sep-2020
25Jun-2009The Contribution of Heritage Surveys towards Understanding the Cultural Landscape of the Weipa Bauxite PlateauShiner, Justin; Morrison, Michael 16-Sep-2020
26Apr-2003Old boundaries and new horizons: the Weipa shell mounds reconsideredMorrison, Michael 16-Sep-2020

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