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12023Defining the Characteristics of Successful Biosecurity Scent Detection DogsMoser, Ariella ; Brown, Wendy Y ; Bennett, Pauleen; Taylor, Peta S ; Wilson, Bethany; McGreevy, Paul 14-Apr-2024
2Sep-2022Use of a habituation-dishabituation test to determine canine olfactory sensitivityMoser, Ariella Y ; Brown, Wendy Y ; Bizo, Lewis A 17-Apr-2023
32-Apr-2020Sniffing out Insect Invaders: Investigating the Feasibility of Using Detector Dogs to Detect High-Risk Insect PestsMoser, Ariella ; Brown, Wendy ; Bizo, Lewis ; Andrew, Nigel 8-Jan-2024
4Mar-2020Biosecurity Dogs Detect Live Insects after Training with Odor-Proxy Training Aids: Scent Extract and Dead SpecimensMoser, Ariella Y ; Brown, Wendy Y ; Bizo, Lewis A ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Taylor, Michelle K 17-Nov-2021
519-Sep-2019Olfactory Generalization in Detector DogsMoser, Ariella Y ; Bizo, Lewis ; Brown, Wendy Y 10-Oct-2019

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