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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Female-to-Male (FtM) Transgender People's Experiences in Australia: A National StudyJones, Tiffany ; del Pozo de Bolger, Andrea ; Dune, Tinashe ; Lykins, Amy ; Hawkes, Gail 23-Mar-2015
22015Sex, desire and pleasure: considering the experiences of older Australian womenFileborn, Bianca; Thorpe, Rachel; Hawkes, Gail ; Minichiello, Victor ; Pitts, Marian; Dune, Tinashe 18-May-2015
32015Sticks and stones: How words and language impact upon social inclusionMcKay, Kathryn ; Wark, Stuart ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Dune, Tinashe ; Rahman, Saifur ; MacPhail, Catherine 29-Sep-2015
42014Fairytales, Folklore and Femininity: Making Sense of the (Un)Sexed Female Body across Time and SpaceMcKay, Kathryn ; Dune, Tinashe ; MacPhail, Catherine ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Sep-2014
52014SexualityDune, Tinashe ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Rahman, Saifur 20-Nov-2013
62014A Mixed Methods Mapping of Church Versus Secular School Messages to Influence Sexual Decision Making as Perceived by Zimbabwean Orphan Girl StudentsMpofu, Elias; Hallfors, Denise Dion; Mutepfa, Magen Mhaka; Dune, Tinashe 28-Jul-2015
72013Understanding Experiences of Sexuality with Cerebral Palsy through Sexual Script TheoryDune, Tinashe 13-Mar-2013
82013Re/Developing Models for Understanding Sexuality with Disability within Rehabilitation CounsellingDune, Tinashe 1-May-2013
92013Fairytales, Folklore and Femininity: Making Sense of the (Un)Sexed Female Body Across Time and SpaceMcKay, Kathryn ; Dune, Tinashe ; MacPhail, Catherine ; Mapedzahama, Virginia ; Maple, Myfanwy 12-Mar-2014
102013E-health: potential benefits and challenges in providing and accessing sexual health servicesMinichiello, Victor ; Rahman, Saifur ; Dune, Tinashe ; Scott, John ; Dowsett, Gary4-Feb-2014
112012Sexuality and Physical Disability: Exploring the Barriers and Solutions in HealthcareDune, Tinashe 13-Mar-2013
122012Review of 'As I Am: A True Story of Adaptation to Physical Disability': Garrett Lee Frey and Dr Karen Hutchins Pirnot, The Peppertree Press, 2008 University of New England and University of Sydney, AustraliaDune, Tinashe 14-Mar-2013
132012Sexual expression, fulfilment and haemophilia: reflections from the 16th Australian and New Zealand Haemophilia ConferenceDune, Tinashe 14-Mar-2013
142011Apostolic faith church organization contexts for health and wellbeing in women and childrenMpofu, Elias; Dune, Tinashe ; Hallfors, Denise Dion; Mapfumo, John; Mutepfa, Magen Mhaka; January, James14-Mar-2013
152011Constructions of Sexuality and Disability: Implications for People with Cerebral PalsyDune, Tinashe 1-May-2013
162010Sexuality in Residential Aged Care: A Survey of Perceptions and Policies in Australian Nursing HomesShuttleworth, Russell; Russell, Cherry; Weerakoon, Patricia; Dune, Tinashe 14-Mar-2013
172010Buy My Love: On Sex Workers, Gold Diggers, and "Rules Girls"Reid, Kyla; Dune, Tinashe 21-May-2013
182009"It's Just Supposed to Happen": The Myth of Sexual Spontaneity and the Sexually MarginalizedDune, Tinashe ; Shuttleworth, Russell14-Mar-2013

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