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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12020Improving teacher confidence - evaluation of a pilot music professional development program for primary teachersThorn, Benjamin ; Brasche, Inga 23-Oct-2020
22015Musical experience and confidence of pre-service primary teachersThorn, Benjamin ; Brasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
32015The Thin Black Line: Living Apartheid on Groote EylandtBrasche, Inga 16-Feb-2016
42012Promoting teacher quality and continuity: Tackling the disadvantages of remote Indigenous schools in the Northern TerritoryBrasche, Inga ; Harrington, Ingrid 4-Sep-2012
52011Success Stories from an Indigenous Immersion Primary Teaching Experience in New South Wales SchoolsHarrington, Ingrid ; Brasche, Inga 19-Apr-2012
62009Otse Mbaka: Ovambo Cultural Resilience in Namibia: What determines cultural change and on whose terms?Brasche, Inga 17-Nov-2009
72008Cultural resilience and social wellbeing: A case for research on Groote EylandtBrasche, Inga 1-May-2009

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Dr Inga Brasche
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Brasche, Inga
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