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27-Oct-2018Impacts of Ascaridia galli Infection on Health, Immunity, Productivity and Egg Quality of Free-Range Laying HensSharma, Nisha ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Swick, Robert ; Hunt, Peter W ; Hine, Bradley23-Jan-2024
18-Apr-2017Odour Emissions in Broiler Production: Influence of Nutrition, Necrotic Enteritis and Litter ConditionSharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Swick, Robert ; Wu, Shubiao ; Choct, Mingan 22-Jan-2024
10-Jun-2020Implementation of a Net Energy System for Meat Chicken Feed FormulationAli, Moreen Afroza ; Swick, Robert ; Wu, Shubiao ; Cadogan, David9-Jan-2024
7-Feb-2020Necrotic Enteritis in Broiler Chicken and its Control with Probiotics: Impact on Performance, Lesion, Nutrient Digestibility, Gut Integrity, Gut Microbiota, and Transcriptional ProfileGharib Naseri, Kosar ; Wu, Shubiao ; Swick, Robert ; Choct, Mingan ; Morgan, Natalie 9-Jan-2024
10-Jun-2020Dietary Meat and Bone Meal, and Calcium as Precursors for the Onset of Subclinical Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers Fed Diets Containing Exogenous Phytase EnzymeZanu, Holy Kwabla ; Swick, Robert ; Morgan, Natalie 5-Jan-2024
6-May-2020Amino Acid Supplementation in Reduced Protein Diets and the Impacts on Meat-Chicken Performance, Metabolism, and PhysiologyHilliar, Matthew John ; Swick, Robert ; Wu, Shubiao ; Barekatain, Reza 5-Jan-2024
Sep-2020The effects of different sources and levels of trace minerals on poultry performance and gut health - DatasetNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Julie R ; Morgan, Natalie ; Wu, Shubiao 7-Dec-2023
3-Feb-2021The Effects of Different Sources and Levels of Trace Minerals on Poultry Performance and Gut HealthNguyen, Thi Thanh Hoai ; Swick, Robert ; Morgan, Natalie ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi ; Roberts, Juliet R 7-Dec-2023
8-Dec-2021Impact of Arginine, Citrulline and Guanidinoacetic Acid Supplementation in Reduced Protein Diets for ChickensDao, Thi Hiep ; Swick, Robert ; Sharma, Nishchal Kumar ; Bradbury, Emma1-Dec-2023
6-Oct-2021Feed Additives to Improve Performance and Gut Health in Broilers Under Necrotic Enteritis ChallengeKumar, Alip ; Wu, Shubiao ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Toghyani Khorasgani, Mehdi 28-Nov-2023
2022Appraisal of matrix values for exogenous phytase alone or in combination with other enzymes in diets for broiler chickensMoss, A F ; Ghane, A; Dersjant-Li, Y; Dao, T H ; Suleman, M; Morgan, N ; Crowley, T M 17-Aug-2022
2022Food waste-based diets are an effective alternative feed for laying hensDao, T H ; Sharma, N K ; Swick, R ; Boyle, N; Moss, A F 17-Aug-2022
Sep-2022Artificial gut and the applications in poultry: A reviewSharma, Nishchal K ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Morgan, Natalie K ; Crowley, Tamsyn M 16-Jun-2022
2020Response of meat chickens to Arginine in reduced protein dietsDao, T H ; Toghyani, M ; Bradbury, E; Wu, S-B ; Swick, R A 31-May-2022
2021Towards the use of food wastes as a complete feed for the Australian poultry industryDao, Hiep Thi ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Swick, Bob ; Boyle, Norm C; Boyle, Nathan R; Moss, Amy 19-May-2022
2022Supplementation of reduced protein diets with L-arginine and L-citrulline for broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis. 1. Growth, carcass yield, and intestinal lesion scoresDao, Hiep Thi ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Daneshmand, Ali ; Kumar, Alip ; Bradbury, Emma J; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
2022Bone mineralisation status of broilers fed reduced-protein diets supplemented with L-arginine, guanidinoacetic acid and L-citrullineDao, Thi H ; Moss, Amy ; Bradbury, Emma J; Swick, Robert 13-May-2022
Mar-2022Effects of l-arginine and l-citrulline supplementation in reduced protein diets on cecal fermentation metabolites of broilers under normal, cyclic warm temperature and necrotic enteritis challengeDao, Hiep Thi ; Clay, Jonathon W ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Bradbury, Emma J; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
18-Jul-2018Benchmarking differential expression analysis tools for RNA-Seq: normalization-based vs. log-ratio transformation-based methodsQuinn, Thomas P; Crowley, Tamsyn M ; Richardson, Mark F3-May-2022
Sep-2019Solving for X: Evidence for sex-specific autism biomarkers across multiple transcriptomic studiesLee, Samuel C; Quinn, Thomas P; Lai, Jerry; Kong, Sek Won; Hertz-Picciotto, Irva; Glatt, Stephen J; Crowley, Tamsyn M ; Venkatesh, Svetha; Thin Nguyen29-Apr-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24

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