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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Jan-2022Prevalence of sheep lice and trends in control practices across Australia - Australian sheep parasite control surveys from 2003 to 2019Colvin, A F ; Reeve, I ; Kahn, L P ; Thompson, L J; Horton, B J; Walkden-Brown, S W 13-May-2022
Jul-2021Australian surveys on parasite control in sheep between 2003 and 2019 reveal marked regional variation and increasing utilisation of online resources and on-farm biosecurity practicesColvin, Alison Frances ; Reeve, Ian ; Thompson, Lyndal Joy; Kahn, Lewis Phillip ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen William 27-Apr-2022
Dec-2021Benchmarking Australian sheep parasite control: Changes in gastrointestinal nematode control practices reported from surveys between 2003 and 2019Colvin, A F ; Reeve, I ; Thompson, L J; Kahn, L P ; Besier, R B; Walkden-Brown, S W 30-Mar-2022
15-Aug-2012Valuing community engagement in biosecurity surveillanceCacho, Oscar ; Reeve, Ian ; Trammell, Jamie ; Hester, Susie 22-Jul-2021
2002Using multivariate statistical techniques to interpret patterns of flood plain sedimentationFoster, John M; Thoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 15-Jul-2021
2003Identifying spatial and temporal patterns in the hydrological character of the Condamine-Balonne river, Australia, using multivariate statisticsThoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 15-Jul-2021
Jun-2004Using hierarchy to select scales of measurement in multiscale studies of stream macroinvertebrate assemblagesParsons, Melissa ; Thoms, Martin C ; Norris, Richard H9-Jul-2021
Jan-2004Kruger Rivers Post-Flood Research ProgrammeParsons, Melissa 9-Jul-2021
Aug-2021Disaster resilience in Australia: A geographic assessment using an index of coping and adaptive capacityParsons, Melissa ; Reeve, Ian ; McGregor, James ; Hastings, Peter; Marshall, Graham ; McNeill, Judith ; Stayner, Richard ; Glavac, Sonya 9-Jul-2021
Nov-2004Development of a standardised approach to river habitat assessment in AustraliaParsons, Melissa ; Thoms, Martin C ; Norris, R H7-Jul-2021
Oct-1996The effect of habitat-specific sampling on biological assessment of water quality using a predictive modelParsons, Melissa ; Norris, Richard7-Jul-2021
2002Eco-geomorphology: an interdisciplinary approach to river scienceThoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 6-Jul-2021
2022Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards: A Comparative Evaluation of Australian Local Government AreasMcGregor, James ; Parsons, Melissa ; Glavac, Sonya 19-May-2021
Jun-2019The Impact of Road Networks on Crime Rates in Saudi ArabiaAlgahtany, Mofza; Kumar, Lalit ; Barclay, Elaine 13-Jan-2021
Sep-2020Heterogeneity of ecosystem function in an "Anthropocene" river systemDeBoer, Jason A; Thoms, Martin C ; Delong, Michael D; Parsons, Melissa E ; Casper, Andrew F17-Dec-2020
21-Jun-2019The influence of water-conservation messages on reducing household water useAddo, Isaac B; Thoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 15-Dec-2020
Jul-2020The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a summaryParsons, Melissa ; Reeve, Ian ; McGregor, James ; Marshall, Graham ; Stayner, Richard ; McNeill, Judith ; Hastings, Peter; Glavac, Sonya ; Morley, Philip 7-Dec-2020
Jul-2020The Australian Disaster Resilience Index (2020) Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC websiteParsons, Melissa ; Boshoff, Johan; Reeve, Ian 6-Dec-2020
Jul-2018The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual project report 2017-18Parsons, Melissa ; Reeve, Ian ; McGregor, James ; Glavac, Sonya ; Stayner, Richard ; McNeill, Judith ; Hastings, Peter; Marshall, Graham ; Morley, Phil 4-Dec-2020
May-2020Do adaptive cycles of floodplain vegetation response to inundation differ among vegetation communities?Thapa, Rajesh ; Thoms, Martin C ; Reid, Michael ; Parsons, Melissa 7-Oct-2020
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37

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