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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Economic and Biological Values for Pasture-Based Dairy Cattle Production Systems and their Application in Genetic Improvement in the TropicsWahinya, P K ; Okeno, T O; Kosgey, I S; Kahi, A K24-May-2024
11-Nov-2015Predictive modelling of Salmonella spp. inactivation in pork burger patties of varying fat contentsGurman, Phillip ; Holds, G; Jarrett, R G; Ross, T; Kiermeier, A23-May-2024
4-Nov-2015Synthetic biology design to display an 18kDa rotavirus large antigen on a modular virus-like particleLua, Linda H L; Fan, Yuanyuan; Chang, Cindy; Connors, Natalie K ; Middelberg, Anton P J23-May-2024
-Genetic diversity, population structure and origin of the native goats in Central LaosLe, Sang V; de las Heras-Saldana, Sara ; Alexandri, Panoraia ; Olmo, Luisa ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Van Der Werf, Julius H J 17-May-2024
2024Validation of reaction norm breeding values for robustness in Australian sheepWaters, Dominic L ; Clark, Samuel A ; Brown, Daniel J ; Walkom, Samuel F ; Van Der Werf, Julius H J 14-May-2024
2015Technical note: Genetic principal component models for multitrait single-step genomic evaluationMeyer, K ; Swan, A ; Tier, B 9-May-2024
Nov-2023Methane, growth and carcase considerations when breeding for more efficient Merino sheep productionRose, G; Paganoni, B; Macleay, C; Jones, C; Brown, D J ; Kearney, G; Ferguson, M B; Clarke, B E; Thompson, A N8-May-2024
31-Jul-2023Relationship between carcase traits of Bos taurus genotypes and ultrasound measurements across six stages of growth from weaning through to long-feedlot finishingI R C Alvarenga, Tharcilla ; Almeida, Amelia K ; McPhee, Malcolm ; Siddell, Jason p; Walmsley, Brad ; Greenwood, Paul L; Wolcott, Matthew L 7-May-2024
6-Jan-2015Predicting recombinant protein expression experiments using molecular dynamics simulationSchaller, Andrea; Connors, Natalie K ; Oelmeier, Stefan A; Hubbuch, Jürgen; Middelberg, Anton P J1-May-2024
2015Computational study of elements of stability of a four-helix bundle protein biosurfactantSchaller, Andrea; Connors, Natalie K ; Dimitrijev Dwyer, Mirjana; Oelmeier, Stefan A; Hubbuch, Jurgen; Middelberg, Anton P J30-Apr-2024
15-Aug-2015A rapid and simple screening method to identify conditions for enhanced stability of modular vaccine candidatesTekewe, Alemu; Connors, Natalie ; Sainsbury, Frank; Wibowo, Nani; Lua, Linda H L; Middelberg, Anton P J24-Apr-2024
2016Design strategies to address the effect of hydrophobic epitope on stability and in vitro assembly of modular virus-like particleTekewe, Alemu; Connors, Natalie K ; Middelberg, Anton P J; Lua, Linda H L22-Apr-2024
2015Biomolecular engineering of virus-like particles aided by computational chemistry methodsZhang, Lin; Lua, Linda H L; Middelberg, Anton P J; Sun, Yan; Connors, Natalie K 21-Apr-2024
2023Approximating prediction error variances and accuracies of estimated breeding values from a SNP–BLUP model for genotyped individualsLi, Li ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Tier, B 18-Apr-2024
Mar-2015Association of wool growth with gut metabolism and anatomy in sheepDe Barbieri, I ; Hegarty, R S ; Li, Li ; Oddy, V H 3-Apr-2024
2021Selection for increased visual muscling increases carcass leanness without compromising predicted Meat Standards Australia eating-quality indexWalmsley, B J ; Cafe, L M ; Wilkins, J F; McPhee, M J 28-Mar-2024
28-Mar-2024Optimising Pig Breeding Programs Using Genomic SelectionIslam, Md Shariful ; Hermesch, Susanne ; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Wood, Ben28-Mar-2024
Oct-2022Genetic associations between mastitis, milk electrical conductivity, and milk flow rate in temperate dairy cows in tropicsSamaraweera, Amali Malshani ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Disnaka, Suneth; Van Der Werf, Julius J H ; Hermesch, Susanne 25-Mar-2024
Nov-2021Improvement of meat and carcase quality traits using genomics in pig sire linesSharif-Islam, M ; Van Der Werf, J H J ; Boerner, V ; Hermesch, S 6-Feb-2024
Nov-2023Comparing pedigree and genomic relationships to control inbreeding in optimum-contribution selection restricting the number of sires in pigsSharif-Islam, M ; Henryon, M; Van Der Werf, J H J ; Chu, T T; Wood, B J; Hermesch, S 31-Jan-2024
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1151

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