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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Aug-2019Is mothering behaviour a potential measure of reproductive performance?Campbell, Joanne; Moore, Kirsty ; Johnston, David 11-May-2022
Sep-2018Genetic correlations between meat quality traits and growth and carcass traits in Merino sheepMortimer, Suzanne I; Fogarty, Neal M; van der Werf, Julius H J ; Brown, Daniel J ; Swan, Andrew A ; Jacob, Robin H; Geesink, Gerrit H ; Hopkins, David L; Edwards, Janelle E Hocking; Ponnampalam, Eric N; Warner, Robyn D; Pearce, Kelly L; Pethick, David W10-May-2022
2022Live weight and body condition score of mixed-aged beef breeding cows on commercial hill country farms in New ZealandWeik, Franziska; Archer, Jason A; Morris, Steve T; Garrick, Dorian J; Miller, Stephen Paul ; Boyd, Anna M; Cullen, Neil G; Hickson, Rebecca E10-May-2022
Feb-2016Accuracy of genomic selection for age at puberty in a multi-breed population of tropically adapted beef cattleFarah, M M; Swan, A A ; Fortes, M R S; Fonseca, R; Moore, S S; Kelly, M J10-May-2022
2018Optimal mating strategies to manage a heterozygous advantage major gene in sheepRaoul, J; Palhière, I; Astruc, J M; Swan, A ; Elsen, J M10-May-2022
Nov-2021Capturing lean distribution in lamb carcases is of more value to the processor than the breederWalkom, S F ; Gardner, G E; Anderson, F; Williams, A; Brown, D J 10-May-2022
2021Single-step genomic evaluation of lambing ease in Australian terminal sire breed sheepLi, L ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Apr-2022
2021Impact of missing pedigrees in single-step genomic evaluationMeyer, Karin 22-Apr-2022
2021Genetic parameters and trends for lamb survival following long-term divergent selection for number of lambs weaned in the Elsenburg Merino flockNel, C L; Swan, A A ; Dzama, K; Scholtz, A J; Cloete, S W P22-Apr-2022
Nov-2021Multivariate genomic analysis and optimal contributions selection predicts high genetic gains in cooking time, iron, zinc, and grain yield in common beans in East AfricaSaradadevi, Renu; Mukankusi, Clare; Li, Li ; Amongi, Winnyfred; Mbiu, Julius Peter; Raatz, Bodo; Ariza, Daniel; Beebe, Steve; Varshney, Rajeev K; Huttner, Eric; Kinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert ; Rubyogo, Jean Claude; Siddique, Kadambot H M; Cowling, Wallace A14-Apr-2022
2021Economic analysis of Merino ewe performance from diverse industry sires using GrassGroTMWallace, J S; Egerton-Warburton, K L; Swan, A A 14-Apr-2022
2021Proposed genetic improvement strategies for dairy cattle in KenyaWahinya, P K ; Swan, A A ; Jeyaruban, M G 13-Apr-2022
2021Determination of optimum weighting factors for single-step genetic evaluation via genetic variance partitioningTorres-Vázquez, J A ; Samaraweera, A M ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Johnston, D J ; Boerner, V 13-Apr-2022
2021Estimation of optimum polygenic and genomic weights in single-step genetic evaluation of carcass traits in Australian Angus beef cattleSamaraweera, A M ; Torres-Vazquez, J A ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Johnston, D J ; Boerner, V 13-Apr-2022
2021An evaluation of the effect of the Booroola gene, Fec B, on productivity in a Border Leicester x Merino prime lamb production systemPiper, L R; Swan, A A ; Elsen, J M; Bodin, L; Brewer, H G; Bindon, B M13-Apr-2022
2021Investigation of methods for inclusion of fixed effects for ultrasound scan carcass traits in large scale sheep genetic evaluationPaneru, U ; Brown, D J ; Moghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 13-Apr-2022
2021Variation between Merino sires in lamb carcass valueMortimer, S I; Smith, J L; Hine, B C; Fowler, S M; Holman, B W B; Hopkins, D L; Egerton-Warburton, K L; Swan, A A 13-Apr-2022
2021Ewe reproduction status and its impact on greasy fleece weight breeding valuesMortimer, S I; Swan, A A ; Bunter, K L 13-Apr-2022
2021Genetic analysis of body condition and growth traits in beef females within and across ages and physiological statesMoore, K L ; Grant, T P; Johnston, D J 13-Apr-2022
2021The effect of GDF9 on litter size in Australian sheepMoghaddar, N ; Bunter, K L ; Swan, A A ; Li, L ; Gurman, P M ; van der Werf, J H J 12-Apr-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 966

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