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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Jun-2023Opposition-based sine cosine optimizer utilizing refraction learning and variable neighborhood search for feature selectionAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Alawad, Noor Aldeen; Al-Betar, Mohammed Azmi; Paul, David 7-Jun-2023
1-Jan-2021Formal specification at model-level of model-driven engineering using modelling techniquesJnanamurthy, H K; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark5-Jun-2023
5-Mar-2023An evidence-based guide to the efficacy and safety of isometric resistance training in hypertension and clinical implicationsBaffour-Awuah, Biggie ; Pearson, Melissa J ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Wiles, Jonathan D; Smart, Neil A 22-May-2023
Apr-2023Development of Hand and Paw Preferences and Their Association with Other Patterns of Behaviour and CognitionRogers, Lesley J 19-May-2023
2019Agent-Oriented Smart Factory (AOSF): An MAS Based Framework for SMEs Under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark18-May-2023
2023Demystifying xAOSF/AOSR Framework in the Context of Digital Twin and Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David 18-May-2023
Apr-2021Mutagenicity of N-acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides as an indicator of DNA intercalation: The role of fluorene and fluorenone substituents as DNA intercalatorsGlover, Stephen A ; Schumacher, Rhiannon R15-May-2023
15-Mar-2023Minimal effects of ultraviolet light supplementation on egg production, egg and bone quality, and health during early lay of laying hensRana, Md Sohel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Regmi, Prafulla; Campbell, Dana L M 11-May-2023
-The Sentinel Bait Station: an automated, intelligent design pest animal baiting systemCharlton, G ; Falzon, G ; Shepley, A ; Fleming, P J S ; Ballard, G ; Meek, P D 8-May-2023
1-Dec-2021Efficacy of estrogen replacement therapy on cognitive function in older women: a systematic review and meta-analysisKo, Junho; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Spark, M Joy 8-May-2023
1-Dec-2021Assessment of potentially inappropriate prescribing for adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Ethiopia using IMPACT2DM, a new explicit toolAyalew, Mohammed B ; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Quirk, Frances ; Spark, Joy M 8-May-2023
28-Sep-2022Early-Season Industry-Wide Rice Maps Using Sentinel-2 Time SeriesBrinkhoff, James 7-May-2023
2022Predicting Deflagration and Detonation in Detonation TubeNamazi, Samira; Brankovic, Ljiljana ; Moghtaderi, Behdad; Zanganeh, Jafar4-Apr-2023
2016Upper Domination: Complexity and ApproximationBazgan, Cristina; Brankovic, Ljiljana ; Casel, Katrin; Fernau, Henning; Jansen, Klaus; Klein, Kim-Manuel; Lampis, Michael; Liedloff, Mathieu; Monnot, Jérôme; Paschos, Vangelis Th4-Apr-2023
2023Mutagenicity of N-acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides - QSAR determination of factors controlling activityGlover, Stephen A 3-Apr-2023
-Isometric Resistance Training to Manage Hypertension: Systematic Review and Meta-analysisBaffour-Awuah, B; Pearson, M J ; Dieberg, G ; Smart, N A 29-Mar-2023
26-Jul-2017Mechanoresponsive stem cells to target cancer metastases through biophysical cuesLiu, Linan; Zhang, Shirley X; Liao, Wenbin; Farhoodi, Henry P; Wong, Chi W; Chen, Claire C; Ségaliny, Aude I; Chacko, Jenu V; Nguyen, Lily P; Lu, Mengrou; Polovin, George; Pone, Egest J; Downing, Timothy L; Lawson, Devon A; Digman, Michelle A ; Zhao, Weian27-Mar-2023
30-Apr-2016The effect of ageing on antioxidant status in different regions of the rat kidneyThiab, Noor Riyadh; Jones, Graham L ; McMillan, Mary ; King, Nicola 1-Mar-2023
8-Jul-2019Correlation of Rodent Behavioural and Physiological Measures Following Different Combinations of Lifetime StressGlyde, Nicarla Sarah; Agnew, Linda ; Sharpley, Christopher ; Andronicos, Nicholas ; Hamlin, Adam 6-Feb-2023
28-Jan-2023Automated Livestock Vocalisation Detection in Farm Acoustic EnvironmentsBishop, James ; Falzon, Gregory ; Welch, Mitchell ; Paul, David ; Meek, Paul 5-Feb-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2255

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