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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2022Hybrid Deep Feature Generation for Appropriate Face Mask Use DetectionAydemir, Emrah; Yalcinkaya, Mehmet Ali; Barua, Prabal Datta; Baygin, Mehmet; Faust, Oliver; Dogan, Sengul; Chakraborty, Subrata ; Tuncer, Turker; Acharya, U Rajendra26-May-2022
22-Nov-2013Human detection in surveillance videos and its applications - a reviewPaul, Manoranjan; Haque, Shah M E; Chakraborty, Subrata 25-May-2022
2020Comparative Study of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Explosions in Coal MinesNamazi, Samira; Brankovic, Ljiljana ; Moghtaderi, Behdad; Zanganeh, Jafar25-May-2022
2022Improved Salp swarm algorithm for solving single-objective continuous optimization problemsAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Paul, David ; Hammad, Rafat24-May-2022
6-Aug-2015Multifaceted Modelling of Complex Business EnterprisesChakraborty, Subrata ; Mengersen, Kerrie; Fidge, Colin; Ma, Lin; Lassen, David24-May-2022
2021Do Sideline Tests of Vestibular and Oculomotor Function Accurately Diagnose Sports-Related Concussion in Adults? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisHarris, Sarah A; Dempsey, Alasdair R; Mackie, Katherine; King, Doug ; Hecimovich, Mark; Murphy, Myles C23-May-2022
-Elite Junior Australian Football Players With Impaired Wellness Are at Increased Injury Risk at High LoadsLathlean, Timothy J H ; Newstead, Stuart V; Gastin, Paul B20-May-2022
2022Lateralized motor behaviour in the righting responses of the cane toad (Rhinella marina)Robins, Andrew; Rogers, Lesley J 19-May-2022
-Augmented feedback can change body shape to improve glide efficiency in swimmingPapic, Christopher ; Andersen, Jordan; Naemi, Roozbeh; Hodierne, Ryan; Sanders, Ross H19-May-2022
Apr-2022Island-based Cuckoo Search with elite opposition-based learning and multiple mutation methods for solving optimization problemsAbed-alguni, Bilal H.; Paul, David 18-May-2022
7-Dec-2015Melanoma Cell Colony Expansion Parameters Revealed by Approximate Bayesian ComputationVo, Brenda ; Drovandi, Christopher C; Pettitt, Anthony N; Pettet, Graeme J17-May-2022
-Effect of torso morphology on maximum hydrodynamic resistance in front crawl swimmingPapic, Christopher ; McCabe, Carla; Gonjo, Tomohiro; Sanders, Ross16-May-2022
9-May-2022Laterality in vertebrates and invertebrates: linked or different?Rogers, Lesley J 16-May-2022
2021Follow Me: Using Social Media to Encourage Student Engagement at a Regional Law SchoolDay, Julia ; McMillan, Mary 13-May-2022
Mar-2022Effects of l-arginine and l-citrulline supplementation in reduced protein diets on cecal fermentation metabolites of broilers under normal, cyclic warm temperature and necrotic enteritis challengeDao, Hiep Thi ; Clay, Jonathon W ; Sharma, Nishchal K ; Bradbury, Emma J; Swick, Robert A 13-May-2022
Feb-2020Anti-streptococcal antibody and T-cell interactions with vascular endothelial cells initiate the development of rheumatic carditisSikder, Suchandan ; Rush, Catherine M; Govan, Brenda L; Lim, Md A; Ketheesan, Natkunam 12-May-2022
1-Feb-2022Stabilizing Interface pH by N‐Modified Graphdiyne for Dendrite‐Free and High‐Rate Aqueous Zn‐Ion BatteriesYang, Qi; Li, Liang; Hussain, Tanveer ; Wang, Donghong; Hui, Lan; Guo, Ying; Liang, Guojin; Li, Xinliang; Chen, Ze; Huang, Zhaodong; Li, Yongjun; Xue, Yurui; Zuo, Zicheng; Qiu, Jieshan; Li, Yuliang; Zhi, Chunyi12-May-2022
-Strength and conditioning practices for the optimisation of speed and accuracy in cricket fast bowlers: A systematic review and meta-analysisRamachandran, Akhilesh Kumar; Singh, Utkarsh; Lathlean, Timothy J H 11-May-2022
Jun-2022Heart rate variability for medical decision support systems: A reviewFaust, Oliver; Hong, Wanrong; Loh, Hui Wen; Xu, Shuting; Tan, Ru-San; Chakraborty, Subrata ; Barua, Prabal Datta; Molinari, Filippo; Acharya, U Rajendra10-May-2022
27-Dec-2018A Novel TOPSIS based Consensus Technique for Multiattribute Group Decision MakingChakraborty, Subrata ; Mandal, Anuradha9-May-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2110

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