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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Dec-2022Analysis of the agricultural innovation system in Indonesia: A case study of the beef sector in Nusa Tenggara BaratValerio, Erika ; Hilmiati, Nurul; Prior, Julian ; Dahlanuddin, Dahlan 14-Feb-2024
11-Dec-2023Editorial: Adaptation strategies to climate change impacts on food systems in Asia: greater efforts toward achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsTsusaka, Takuji W; Kristiansen, Paul ; Ho, Tien D N; Chandio, Abbas Ali14-Feb-2024
15-Dec-2023Water management and irrigation for bulb onion (Allium cepa L.) growth and development in the Papua New Guinea HighlandsAku, Rodney; Kristiansen, Paul ; Coleman, Michael 14-Feb-2024
-Imperatives for integrated weed management in vegetable production: Evaluating research and adoptionColeman, Michael ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian M ; Fyfe, Christine 14-Feb-2024
13-Apr-2023InsectsSaunders, Manu E ; Leather, Simon; Stockan, Jenni A; Yeates, David1-Feb-2024
20-Dec-2019Cretaceous Crocodyliforms from Lightning Ridge, NSWHart, Lachlan James; Bell, Philip ; Salisbury, Steve30-Jan-2024
3-Feb-2021The Tyrants Aisle Dinosaur Tracksite: An Upper Cretaceous Ichnofauna from Unit 4 of the Wapiti Formation (Upper Campanian), Alberta, CanadaEnriquez, Nathan James; Bell, Philip ; Campione, Nicolas 29-Jan-2024
22-Mar-2022Hadrosaurid Bonebeds and Their Palaeobiological SignificanceLongley-Holland, Brayden Scott ; Campione, Nicolas ; Bell, Philip 29-Jan-2024
9-Jun-2022Wild Dogs, Fences and People in the Southern Rangelands of Western AustraliaDowden, Deborah Louise Alison; Ballard, Guy ; McLeod, Lynette Jean ; Hine, Donald William ; Kreplins, Tracey29-Jan-2024
8-Jul-2019Optimizing Propagation of Putative Vaccine Strain of Haemorrhagic Enteritis VirusHossain, Mohammad Forhad; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; McMillan, Mary ; Katz, Margaret 29-Jan-2024
14-Feb-2023New Billfish Fossils (Percomorpha: Xiphioidei) from Fossil Point, South Island, New Zealand, and a Review of the Marine Vertebrate Fauna from the Oligocene Abel Head FormationHartnett, Nicholas; Campione, Nicolas ; Bicknell, Russell ; Bell, Philip 28-Jan-2024
9-Feb-2023Polled Accelerator – a unique application of genomic technologies to address a beef breeding challengeJohnston, D J ; Ferdosi, M H ; Cook, J ; Savage, D B 25-Jan-2024
9-Feb-2023Genetic selection for sensory eating quality of lamb using consumer assessmentsGuy, S Z Y ; Mortimer, S I; Pannier, L; McGilchrist, P ; Brown, D J ; Pethick, D; Swan, A A 25-Jan-2024
30-Apr-2016Quantification of the Biological Factors that Determine Lamb TendernessStarkey, Colin ; Geesink, Gerrit ; Hopkins, David; Oddy, Victor 24-Jan-2024
27-Oct-2017Responses of Growing Beef Cattle to Liquid Molasses-Based Supplements in a Temperate Grazing SystemDoak, Tobias; Hegarty, Roger ; Cowley, Frances 24-Jan-2024
11-Feb-2019Assessing the Performance of Agricultural Advisory Models for Scaling-Out Conservation Agriculture with Trees in East Africa (Kenya)Bourne, Mieke; Prior, Julian ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa 24-Jan-2024
14-Apr-2018Impact of Management on Soil Carbon and Nutrient Cycling and Storage Under Contrasting Farming SystemsSarker, Jharna Rani; Cowie, Annette ; Singh, Bhupinderpal 24-Jan-2024
2024Application of Ecologically Based Weed Management in PasturesMclachlan, Jonathan W ; Sindel, Brian M 24-Jan-2024
11-Mar-2019Morphology, Biomechanics and Diet in Anthropoidea (Primates)Luk, Hiu Ying; Wroe, Stephen ; Ledogar, Justin ; Sherratt, Emma; Paterson, John 23-Jan-2024
27-Oct-2017Nutritive Value of Sorghum Grains in Diets for Broiler ChickensMabelebele, Monnye ; Iji, Paul ; Gous, Robert23-Jan-2024
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4455

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