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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2010Strategies to improve market value of pig carcasesHermesch, Susanne ; Jones, Rob M 16-Sep-2021
Jan-2020Patterns of invertebrate emergence and succession in flooded wetland mesocosmsGrowns, I ; Lewis, S ; Ryder, D ; Tsoi, W ; Vincent, B 16-Sep-2021
-Semi-supervised delineation of riparian Macrogroups in plot deficient regions within eastern Australia using generalised dissimilarity modellingHunter, John T ; Growns, Ivor 16-Sep-2021
-Condition thresholds in Australia's threatened ecological community listings hinder conservation of dynamic ecosystemsSaunders, Manu E ; Bower, Deborah S ; Mika, Sarah ; Hunter, John T 16-Sep-2021
Mar-2021Genomic Analysis Revealed a Convergent Evolution of LINE-1 in Coat Color: A Case Study in Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)Liang, Dong; Zhao, Pengju; Si, Jingfang; Fang, Lingzhao; Pairo-Castineira, Erola; Hu, Xiaoxiang; Xu, Qing; Hou, Yali; Gong, Yu; Liang, Zhengwen; Tian, Bing; Mao, Huaming; Yindee, Marnoch; Faruque, Md Omar; Kongvongxay, Siton; Khamphoumee, Souksamlane; Liu, George E; Wu, Dong-Dong; Barker, James Stuart F ; Han, Jianlin; Zhang, Yi16-Sep-2021
Sep-2020Myuchelys bellii (Bell's turtle). Unexpected dietary contents.Hughes, Geoffrey N ; Curtsdotter, Alva ; Lagos, Paulo F; McDonald, Paul G 16-Sep-2021
2021The influence of landscape-level factors on the abundance and diversity of diapausing wetland (lagoon) microinvertebratesGrowns, I ; Frost, L ; Hunter, J ; Mika, S 15-Sep-2021
-Hand weeding tools in vegetable production systems: an agronomic, ergonomic and economic evaluationTiwari, Sita; Sindel, B M ; Smart, N ; Coleman, M J ; Fyfe, C ; Lawlor, C ; Vo, B ; Kristiansen, P 15-Sep-2021
Aug-2021Leech removal is not the primary driver of basking behavior in a freshwater turtleMcKnight, Donald T; Wirth, Wytamma; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Nordberg, Eric J 15-Sep-2021
May-2018Abundance, diet and prey selection of arboreal lizards in a grazed tropical woodlandNordberg, Eric J ; Murray, Paul; Alford, Ross; Schwarzkopf, Lin15-Sep-2021
16-Dec-2017Body temperatures and winter activity in overwintering Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in Tennessee, USANordberg, Eric J ; Cobb, Viincent A14-Sep-2021
Jan-2019Antipredator behaviour of invasive geckos in response to chemical cues from snakesCornelis, Jari; Nordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Feb-2019Reduced competition may allow generalist species to benefit from habitat homogenizationNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
May-2019Heat seekers: A tropical nocturnal lizard uses behavioral thermoregulation to exploit rare microclimates at nightNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Jun-2018Terrestrial invertebrates: An underestimated predator guild for small vertebrate groupNordberg, Eric J ; Edwards, Lexie; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
-Red hot frogs: identifying the Australian frogs most at risk of extinctionGeyle, Hayley M.; Hoskin, Conrad J.; Bower, Deborah S ; Catullo, Renee; Clulow, Simon; Driessen, Michael; Daniels, Katrina; Garnett, Stephen T.; Gilbert, Deon; Heard, Geoffrey W; Hero, Jean-Marc; Hines, Harry B; Hoffmann, Emily P; Hollis, Greg; Hunter, David A; Lemckert, Frank; Mahony, Michael; Marantelli, Gerry; McDonald, Keith R; Mitchell, Nicola J; Newell, David; Roberts, J Dale; Scheele, Ben C; Scroggie, Michael; Vanderduys, Eric; Wassens, Skye; West, Matt; Woinarski, John C Z; Gillespie, Graeme R14-Sep-2021
Oct-2021A review of the current global status of blast fishing: Causes, implications and solutionsHampton-Smith, Melissa ; Bower, Deborah S ; Mika, Sarah 14-Sep-2021
22-May-2019Predation risk is a function of alternative prey availability rather than predator abundance in a tropical savanna woodland ecosystemNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin13-Sep-2021
Dec-2019Potential impacts of intraguild predation by invasive Asian house geckosNordberg, Eric J 13-Sep-2021
6-Nov-2020Ecological niche and microhabitat use of Australian geckosRiedel, Jendrian; Nordberg, Eric ; Schwarzkopf, Lin10-Sep-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3259

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