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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
7-Oct-2005Bottom-Feeding PlesiosaursMcHenry, Colin R; Cook, Alex G; Wroe, Stephen 11-Jun-2021
2016Turkish truffles 2: eight new records from AnatoliaElliott, Todd F ; Türkoğlu, Aziz; Trappe, James M; Güngör, Mehrican Yaratanakul10-Jun-2021
23-Feb-2017(2491) Proposal to conserve the name Rhizophagus with a conserved type (Fungi: Glomeromycota: Glomeraceae)Walker, Christopher; Trappe, James M; Schüßler, Arthur; Hawksworth, David L; Cazares, Efren; Elliott, Todd F ; Redecker, Dirk; McNeill, John; Redhead, Scott A; Wiersema, John H10-Jun-2021
2021Gold fingerprint of the SCLM beneath a metallogenic provinceSchettino, Erwin; Marchesi, Claudio; González-Jiménez, José María; Saunders, Edward ; Hidas, Károly; Gervilla, Fernando; Garrido, Carlos Jesús10-Jun-2021
2020Dynamic modelling for nutritional management of ruminants in the face of climate changeDougherty, H C ; Evered, M ; Oltjen, J W; Oddy, V H 10-Jun-2021
Dec-2016Kombocles bakaiana gen. sp. nov. (Boletaceae), a new sequestrate fungus from CameroonCastellano, Michael A; Elliott, Todd F ; Truong, Camille; Séné, Olivier; Dentinger, Bryn T M; Henkel, Terry W10-Jun-2021
2020Partitioning of variance between multiple relationship matrices in BLUP analysesGurman, Phillip M ; Li, Li ; Swan, Andrew A ; Moghaddar, Nasir ; van der Werf, Julius H J 9-Jun-2021
Dec-2007A note on pterosaur nesting behaviorGrellet-Tinner, Gerald; Wroe, Stephen ; Thompson, Michael B; Ji, Qiang9-Jun-2021
2010Mycophagy in a community of macropodoid speciesVernes, K 9-Jun-2021
2014Morchella australiana sp. nov., an apparent Australian endemic from New South Wales and VictoriaElliott, Todd F ; Bougher, Neale L; O'Donnell, Kerry; Trappe, James M8-Jun-2021
2-Oct-2015New sequestrate fungi from Guyana: Jimtrappea guyanensis gen. sp. nov., Castellanea pakaraimophila gen. sp. nov., and Costatisporus cyanescens gen. sp. nov.(Boletaceae, Boletales)Smith, Matthew E; Amses, Kevin R; Elliott, Todd F ; Obase, Keisuke; Aime, M Catherine; Henkel, Terry W8-Jun-2021
1-Jan-2016Animal-Fungal Interactions 1: Notes on Bowerbird's Use of FungiElliott, Todd F ; Marshall, Peter A8-Jun-2021
10-Mar-2016New species of Elaphomyces (Elaphomycetaceae, Eurotiales, Ascomycota) from tropical rainforests of Cameroon and GuyanaCastellano, Michael A; Dentinger, Bryn T M; Séné, Olivier; Elliott, Todd F ; Truong, Camille; Henkel, Terry W8-Jun-2021
Dec-2020Greater farmer investment in well-formulated diets can increase liveweight gain and smallholder gross margins from cattle fatteningCowley, Frances C ; Syahniar, Theo M; Ratnawati, Dian; Mayberry, Dianne E; Marsetyo; Pamungkas, Dicky; Poppi, Dennis P2-Jun-2021
2020A comparison of eggshell mineral composition between cage and free-range eggs via inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometryDao, H T ; Swick, R A ; Nguyen, T V; Hunt, P W; Hine, B C; Lisle, L ; Ruhnke, I 2-Jun-2021
Apr-2020A simple method to collect viable rainforest tree seeds and study the frugivorous diet of satin bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus)Hicks, Barry; Elliott, Todd F 2-Jun-2021
Dec-2020First records of myxomycetes from Bathurst Island (one of the Tiwi Islands) in the Northern Territory, AustraliaWhite, Mary A; Elliott, Todd F ; Kennedy, Brooke P A; Stephenson, Steven L2-Jun-2021
1-Dec-2020Entoloma sequestratum, a new species from northern Thailand, and a worldwide key to sequestrate taxa of Entoloma (Entolomataceae)Elliott, T F ; Nelsen, D J; Karunarathna, S C; Stephenson, S L1-Jun-2021
26-Sep-2019Australasian sequestrate Fungi 20: Russula scarlatina (Agaricomycetes: Russulales: Russulaceae), a new species from dry grassy woodlands of southeastern AustraliaElliott, Todd F ; Trappe, James M1-Jun-2021
Jun-2019Vertebrate consumption and dispersal of the Nothofagaceae associated ascomycete CyttariaElliott, Todd F ; Elliott, Kelsey1-Jun-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3032

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