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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
21-Dec-2018International Visitors' Perceptions of Sustainability in New Zealand and the Canterbury Region: Insights from UGC and IVSPrayag, Girish; Hall, Michael; Chen, Chris; Fieger, Peter 10-Jun-2021
2015A metafrontier analysis of determinants of technical efficiency in beef farm types: an application to BotswanaBahta, Sirak; Baker, Derek ; Malope, Patrick; Katjiuongua, Hikuepi10-Jun-2021
2020Postharvest losses at the farm level and its economy-wide costs: the case of the maize sector in MozambiquePopat, Meizal ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Cacho, Oscar 8-Jun-2021
2010Determinants of fluid milk purchasing sources in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Kassa, Belay4-Jun-2021
2019Connecting researchers with customers through a common valuation of dataWysel, Matthew ; Baker, Derek ; Conway, Lou3-Jun-2021
Jun-2020Digital innovations for customer engagement, management, and organizational improvementSandhu, Kamaljeet 1-Jun-2021
15-Feb-2019Producers of food and creators of social value: Women and alternative agricultureNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa 1-Jun-2021
-Scholarly shortcomings and a lack of evidence beleaguer bee sampling critique: A response to Prendergast and Hogendoorn (2021)Saunders, Manu E ; Hall, Mark A ; Lentini, Pia E; Brown, Julian; Cunningham, Saul A26-May-2021
-Cavity occupancy by wild honey bees: need for evidence of ecological impactsSaunders, Manu E ; Goodwin, Emma K ; Santos, Karen CBS; Sonter, Carolyn A ; Rader, Romina 26-May-2021
1-May-2019Airbnb and the Formal Accommodation Sector: Perceptions of StakeholdersPrayag, Girish; Ozanne, Lucie K; Hall, Michael; Martin, Rosemarie; Fieger, Peter 25-May-2021
-Agricultural Land Abandonment in the Hill Agro-ecological Region of Nepal: Analysis of Extent, Drivers and Impact of ChangeSubedi, Yuba Raj; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar ; Ojha, Roshan Babu5-May-2021
1-Mar-2013A tool to support the decision to switch between eradication and containment of an invasionCacho, Oscar ; Hester, Susie 5-May-2021
Jan-2021Increasing confidence in pre-border risk managementCampbell, Arthur; Mody, Fallon; Mooney, Allan; Whyte, Jason; Hester, Susie 5-May-2021
23-Apr-2021Options for reducing uncertainty in impact classification for alien speciesClarke, David A; Palmer, David J; McGrannachan, Chris; Burgess, Treena I; Chown, Steven L; Clarke, Rohan H; Kumschick, Sabrina; Lach, Lori; Liebhold, Andrew M; Roy, Helen E; Saunders, Manu E ; Yeates, David K; Zalucki, Myron P; McGeoch, Melodie A4-May-2021
Feb-2021Intersexual differences in leaf size and shape in dioecious Adriana tomentosaRabska, Mariola; Warwick, Nigel W M ; Iszkulo, Grzegorz; Gross, Caroline L 29-Apr-2021
2017Improving Methods for Estimating Livestock Production and ProductivityBaker, Derek ; Morley, Philip ; Al-Moadhen, Hussain; Downey, Rebecca; Yusuf, Eva; Longin, Nsiima; Baleseng, Leonard Boitumelo; Makgekgenene, Alec; Coleman, Michael ; Moss, Jonathan 28-Apr-2021
22-Mar-2021Antecedents of Equity Fund Performance: A Contingency PerspectiveLiu, Li Xian; Jiang, Fuming; Li, Jizhong; Farooque, Omar Al 28-Apr-2021
2017Development of indicators of economic resilience in Australia's regions: An application to rural NSWLeu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed ; Baker, Derek 23-Apr-2021
1995Priorytety badawcze dla polskiego rolnictwaPlewa, J; Baker, Derek 22-Apr-2021
-Limited understanding of bushfire impacts on Australian invertebratesSaunders, Manu E ; Barton, Philip S; Bickerstaff, James R M; Frost, Lindsey ; Latty, Tanya; Lessard, Bryan D; Lowe, Elizabeth C; Rodriguez, Juanita; White, Thomas E; Umbers, Kate D L21-Apr-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1139

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