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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
14-Feb-2022From Climate Change to Pandemics: Decision Science Can Help Scientists Have ImpactBaker, Christopher M; Campbell, Patricia T; Chades, Iadine; Dean, Angela J; Hester, Susan M ; Holden, Matthew H; McCaw, James M; McVernon, Jodie; Moss, Robert; Shearer, Freya M; Possingham, Hugh P17-May-2022
Jun-2022Reutilising abandoned cropland in the Hill agroecological region of Nepal: Options and farmers' preferencesSubedi, Yuba Raj ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Cacho, Oscar 16-May-2022
-An empirical analysis of the impact of administrative intensity on the operational efficiency of the Victoria state local government system in AustraliaTran, Carolyn-Thi Thanh Dung ; Dollery, Brian 12-May-2022
9-Feb-2022Compliance with Covid-19 measures: Evidence from New ZealandKaine, Geoff; Greenhalgh, Suzie; Wright, Vic 11-May-2022
4-Feb-2022The Triple Blow Effect: Retailing in an Era of Disasters and Pandemics-The Case of Christchurch, New ZealandDyason, David; Fieger, Peter ; Prayag, Girish; Hall, C Michael11-May-2022
26-Apr-2022The Crown land accounting dilemma in New South Wales local governmentIvannikov, Igor ; Dollery, Brian ; Bayerlein, Leopold 11-May-2022
Mar-2022The Impact of More Intensive Unemployment Benefit Requirements on Jobseekers' Likelihood of ComplyingWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael ; Leu, Shawn 10-May-2022
2020Digital Transformation of Learning Management Systems at Universities: Case Analysis for Instructor PerspectiveAl Amoush, Abdeleh bassam ; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 9-May-2022
Sep-2017Genomic inbreeding depression for climatic adaptation of tropical beef cattleReverter, A; Porto-Neto, L R; Kasarapu, P; de Cara, M A R; Burrow, H M ; Lehnert, S A2-May-2022
23-Jun-2021Multiple Country and Breed Genomic Prediction of Tick Resistance in Beef CattleCardoso, Fernando Flores; Matika, Oswald; Djikeng, Appolinaire; Mapholi, Ntanganedzeni; Burrow, Heather M ; Yokoo, Marcos Jun Iti; Campos, Gabriel Soares; Gulias-Gomes, Claudia Cristina; Riggio, Valentina; Pong-Wong, Ricardo; Engle, Bailey; Porto-Neto, Laercio; Maiwashe, Azwihangwisi; Hayes, Ben J2-May-2022
8-Jan-2018Employment security and workers' moonlighting behavior in GhanaNunoo, Jacob; Darfor, Kwabena Nkansah; Koomson, Isaac ; Arthur, Abigail2-May-2022
2021Family support and entrepreneurial passion: The mediating role of entrepreneurs' psychological capitalGao, Jian-Li; Li, Dong-Sheng; Conway, Mary-Louise 2-May-2022
2019The effect of regulations on ability of MFIs to provide sustained financial services to small businessQuartey, Joyce Ama; Kotey, Bernice 29-Apr-2022
2021Re-examining Bhagwati hypothesis: the case of some selected countries in Sub-Saharan AfricaIbrahim, Muazu; Koomson, Isaac ; Aluko, Olufemi Adewale; Opoku, Eric Evans Osei29-Apr-2022
2021Assessing The Labour Market Response Due to COVID-19 Border Restrictions: A Case Study of Canterbury, New ZealandDyason, David; Fieger, Peter ; Rice, John 29-Apr-2022
10-Apr-2019Climate Change Threatens a Fig-Frugivore Mutualism at its Drier, Western Range MarginMackay, K David ; Gross, C L 28-Apr-2022
Feb-2019Are diversification and structural change good policy? An empirical analysis of Norwegian agricultureAlem, Habtamu; Lien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal C; Hardaker, J Brian 28-Apr-2022
2019Pteruchus (microsporophyll): part 2 of a reassessment of Gondwana Triassic plant genera and a reclassification of some previously attributedAnderson, Heidi M; Barbacka, Maria; Bamford, Marion K; Holmes, W B Keith; Anderson, John M 25-Apr-2022
Feb-2020A multi-attribute decision analysis of pest management strategies for Norwegian crop farmersLavik, Ming Su; Hardaker, J Brian ; Lien, Gudbrand; Berge, Therese W25-Apr-2022
Oct-2021Agency-Linked Risk Management with Ownership and Board Sub-Committee Governance: Evidence from an OECD EconomyFarooque, Omar Al 20-Apr-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1289

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