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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
15-May-2019A case report suggestive of strongyloidiasis infection occurring in temperate AustraliaFraser, John 11-Jul-2019
16-May-2019Factors Impacting Patient Outcomes Associated with Use of Emergency Medical Services Operating in Urban Versus Rural Areas: A Systematic ReviewAlanazy, Ahmed Ramden M; Wark, Stuart ; Fraser, John ; Nagle, Amanda 11-Jun-2019
6-Feb-2019A Neuroethics Framework for the Australian Brain InitiativeKennett, Jeanette; Carter, Adrian; Bourne, James A; Hall, Wayne; Levy, Neil; Mattingley, Jason B; Lawrence, Andrew J; Forlini, Cynthia; Malcolm, Lynne; Vincent, Nicole; Richards, Linda J; Egan, Gary; Breakspear, Michael; Cornish, Kim; Halliday, Glenda; Poole-Warren, Laura; Sriram, Sharath; Soulis, Tina; Fitzgibbon, Bernadette; Kiral-Kornek, Isabell; Badcock, David R; Balleine, Bernard; Bekkers, John M; Berk, Michael; Bradley, Andrew; Brichta, Alan ; Carter, Olivia; Castles, Anne; Clements, Judith; Cornish, Jennifer; de Zubicaray, Greig; Egan, Gary F; Enticott, Peter G; Fornito, Alex; Griffiths, Lyn; Gullifer, Judith; Hannan, Anthony J; Harrer, Stefan; Harvey, Alan; Hickie, Ian B; Jazwinska, Liz; Kiernan, Matthew; Kilpatrick, Trevor; Leventer, Rick; Licinio, Julio; Lovell, Nigel; Mackellar, Geoff; Medland, Sarah E; Michie, Patricia T; Nithianantharajah, Jess; Parker, John; Payne, Jonathan M; Rossell, Susan; Sah, Pankaj; Sarnyai, Zoltan; Schofield, Peter R; Shum, David H K; Silk, Tim; Slee, Mark; Stuart, Greg J; Tapson, Jonathan; van Schaik, Andre; Vissel, Bryce; Waters, Allison; Apthorp, Deborah ; Cohen-Woods, Sarah; Conn, Simon J; Korgaonkar, Mayuresh; Mason, Alice; Azghadi, Mostafa Rahimi; Shimoni, Olga; Smith, Ashleigh; Thompson, Matthew B; Chakli, Khaled; Hatherly, Chris3-Jun-2019
8-May-2018Bio-Based Chiral Amines via Aza-Michael Additions to (-)-Levoglucosenone Under Aqueous ConditionsKim, Shi-Wei; Ledingham, Edward T ; Kudo, Shinji; Greatrex, Ben W ; Sperry, Jonathan6-May-2019
2018Synthesis of a Chiral Auxiliary Family from Levoglucosenone and Evaluation in the Diels–Alder ReactionKlepp, Julian ; Sumby, Christopher J ; Greatrex, Ben W 6-May-2019
24-Jan-2018Revision of the Phytochemistry of Eremophila sturtii and E. mitchelliiSadgrove, Nicholas J ; Klepp, Julian ; Legendre, Sarah V A-M ; Lyddiard, Dane ; Sumby, Christopher J; Greatrex, Ben W 6-May-2019
2018Reliable analysis of volatile compounds from small samples of Eucalyptus magnificata (Myrtaceae)Collins, Timothy L ; Andrew, Rose L ; Greatrex, Ben W ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 6-May-2019
18-Oct-2018Diastereoselective Weitz-Scheffer epoxidation of levoglucosenone for the synthesis of isolevoglucosenone and derivativesLedingham, Edward T ; Greatrex, Ben W 15-Apr-2019
Mar-2019The confirmation of treatment effects in Japanese acupunctureChant, Benjamin ; Madison, Jeanne ; Coop, Paul ; Dieberg, Gudrun 8-Apr-2019
-The complexity of lifelong comorbidities with severe intellectual disabilityWark, Stuart ; Kingstone, Martin 3-Apr-2019
16-Oct-2018Caregiving, Employment and Social Isolation: Challenges for Rural Carers in AustraliaHussain, Rafat ; Wark, Stuart ; Ryan, Peta 3-Apr-2019
31-Oct-2018Heteroatom Substitution at Amide Nitrogen-Resonance Reduction and HERON Reactions of Anomeric AmidesGlover, Stephen A ; Rosser, Adam A 15-Mar-2019
Apr-2019Personal relationships during end-of-life care: Support staff views of issues for individuals with intellectual disabilityHussain, Rafat ; Wark, Stuart ; Muller, Arne; Ryan, Peta ; Parmenter, Trevor 11-Mar-2019
2019Perspectives about support challenges facing health workers assisting older adults with and without intellectual disability in rural versus urban settings in AustraliaHussain, Rafat ; Janicki, Matthew P ; Knox, Marie ; Wark, Stuart ; Parmenter, Trevor 1-Mar-2019
2018A Cross-Sectional Study of the Association between Autoantibodies and Qualitative Ultrasound Index of Bone in an Elderly Sample without Clinical Autoimmune DiseaseIseme, Rosebella A; McEvoy, Mark ; Kelly, Brian ; Agnew, Linda ; Walker, Frederick R; Boyle, Michael; Attia, John10-Aug-2018
2018Is mental health status affected by chronic diseases in older people with intellectual disability?Hussain, R; Wark, Stuart ; Janicki, M; Parmenter, T; Knox, M30-Jul-2018
2018Does intellectual disability research consider the potential impact of geographic location?Wark, Stuart 19-Jun-2018
2018Serrulatic acid diastereomers identified from an antibacterial survey of EremophilaLyddiard, Dane; Greatrex, Ben 19-Jun-2018
2018Clinical outcomes to exercise training in type 1 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysisOstman, Cecilia; Jewiss, Daniel; King, N; Smart, Neil 4-Jun-2018
2017A role for autoantibodies in atherogenesisIseme, Rosebella A; McEvoy, Mark ; Kelly, Brian ; Agnew, Linda ; Walker, Frederick R; Handley, Tonelle; Oldmeadow, Christopher; Attia, John; Boyle, Michael15-May-2018
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 196

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