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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
24-May-2023The Correlation between Adolescent Daily Breakfast Consumption and Socio-Demographic: Trends in 23 European Countries Participating in the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (2002–2018)Lazzeri, Giacomo; Ciardullo, Silvia; Spinelli, Angela; Pierannunzio, Daniela; Dzielska, Anna; Kelly, Colette; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Qirjako, Gentiana; Geraets, Anouk; Ojala, Kristiina; Rouche, Manon; Nardone, Paola2-Jun-2023
20-Mar-2012Tango through different eyes. Adapting tango classes for seniors with visual impairmentDuquette, Josée; Douville, Mathieu; Temisjian, Khatoune; Steinmander, Laura; Cataford, Guylaine; Poldma, Tiiu; Gresset, Jacques; Pinniger, Rosa ; Brown, Rhonda ; Simpson, Jacqueline; McKinley, Patricia Anne30-May-2023
-The Relationships between the Hope Dimensions of Agency Thinking and Pathways Thinking With Depression and Anxiety: a Meta-AnalysisCorrigan, Jordan A; Schutte, Nicola S 30-May-2023
Nov-2020"Suicide can't always be prevented, but it can be postponed": Lived experiences of providing care and support to people who suicide attempt, and those who have gone on to die by suicideMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; McMahon, Andrew; McGill, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot 22-May-2023
6-Mar-2022The mental health impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate nursing students in Australia - DatasetUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wynaden, Dianne; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; West, Caryn; Geia, Lynore; Mathers, Carey; Durkin, Jo ; Byfield, Zachary ; Smith, Zaneta ; Grant, Julian; Massey, Debbie; Ngune, Irene; McTier, Lauren; Wynne, Rochelle21-May-2023
9-May-2023Conflict and Control in Cortical Responses to Inconsistent Emotional Signals in a Face-Word StroopPage, Julia; Jamieson, Graham ; Evans, Ian17-May-2023
2021Association of mindfulness with psychological distress and life satisfaction in Western and Eastern meditatorsSomaraju, Lakshmi Haranath ; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Bizo, Lewis A ; Cocks, Bernadine 15-May-2023
6-Mar-2023Evaluating Effects of Resting-State Electroencephalography Data Pre-Processing on a Machine Learning Task for Parkinson's DiseaseVlieger, Robin ; Daskalaki, Elena; Apthorp, Deborah ; Lueck, Christian J; Suominen, Hanna15-May-2023
25-Mar-2022"Dr Who, a Tardis, and a relocation": Women with Dissociative Identity Disorder reflect on barriers to identifying and disclosing their traumaKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick15-May-2023
Apr-1999Case Study in Information Processing: Sentence ProcessingStevenson, Bruce 13-May-2023
4-May-2023The government must fix the childcare desert nowRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Doan, Laura K9-May-2023
-Lower Mindfulness is Associated with Problematic Social Media Use: A Meta-AnalysisMeynadier, Jai ; Malouff, John M ; Loi, Natasha M ; Schutte, Nicola S 9-May-2023
5-Jul-2019Food Preference Predicts Speed of Approach on a Runway Task by DogsCameron, Kristie E; De Garnham, Jane; Jensen, Kristeen; Bizo, Lewis A 4-May-2023
Mar-2023Parent-child dynamics as predictors of dissociation in adulthoodKate, Mary-Anne ; Jamieson, Graham ; Middleton, Warwick3-May-2023
Jun-2018Differential reinforcement of low rates differentially decreased timing precisionEckard, Matthew L; Kyonka, Elizabeth G E 2-May-2023
15-Nov-2018Translating Behavior Analysis: a Spectrum Rather than a Road MapKyonka, Elizabeth G E ; Subramaniam, Shrinidhi2-May-2023
15-Mar-2019Tutorial: Small-N Power AnalysisKyonka, Elizabeth G E 2-May-2023
Aug-2021Stable middle-aged face recognition: No moderation of the own-age bias across contextsCronin, Sophie L; Craig, Belinda M ; Lipp, Ottmar V1-May-2023
Dec-2021Beards Increase the Speed, Accuracy, and Explicit Judgments of Facial ThreatDixson, Barnaby J W; Barkhuizen, Claire L; Craig, Belinda M 1-May-2023
2022Featural vs. Holistic processing and visual sampling in the influence of social category cues on emotion recognitionCraig, Belinda M ; Chen, Nigel T M; Lipp, Ottmar V27-Apr-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1209

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