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Dec-2019A balanced time perspective: Is it an exercise in empiricism, and does it relate meaningfully to health and well-being outcomes?McKay, Michael T; Worrell, Frank C; Zivkovic, Urška; Temple, Elizabeth ; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jon C; Andretta, James R; Perry, John L19-May-2021
1-Apr-2020Different Version, Similar Result? A Critical Analysis of the Multiplicity of Shortened Versions of the Zimbardo Time Perspective InventoryPerry, John L; Temple, Elizabeth C ; Worrell, Frank C; Zivkovic, Urška; Mello, Zena R; Musil, Bojan; Cole, Jon C; McKay, Michael T19-May-2021
2020Collective harmony as a moderator of the association between other-referent upward counterfactual thinking and depressionBroomhall, Anne Gene; Phillips, Wendy J 5-May-2021
2018Self-referent upward counterfactuals and depression: Examining regret as a mediatorBroomhall, Anne Gene; Phillips, Wendy J 5-May-2021
2021Self-compassion, physical health, and health behaviour: a metaanalysisPhillips, Wendy J ; Hine, Donald W 5-May-2021
10-Oct-2018Past to Future: Self-Compassion Can Change our VisionPhillips, Wendy J 5-May-2021
-Self-compassion mindsets: The components of the self-compassion scale operate as a balanced system within individualsPhillips, Wendy J 5-May-2021
2021Self-referent upward counterfactual thinking mediates the relationship between self-compassion and depressionAngus, Bronwyn M; Phillips, Wendy J 5-May-2021
Jun-2019How projected electricity price and personal values influence support for a 50% renewable energy target in AustraliaPhillips, Keri L ; Hine, Donald W ; Phillips, Wendy J 4-May-2021
2019Dual-process cognitive profiles associated with substance abuse and treatment outcomesPhillips, Wendy J ; Vince, Adrian J4-May-2021
1-Dec-2018Future-outlook mediates the association between self-compassion and well-beingPhillips, Wendy J 4-May-2021
2018Collaborative meta-analysis finds no evidence of a strong interaction between stress and 5-HTTLPR genotype contributing to the development of depressionCulverhouse, R C; Saccone, N L; Horton, A C; Ma, Y; Anstey, K J; Banaschewski, T; Burmeister, M; Cohen-Woods, S; Etain, B; Fisher, H L; Goldman, N; Guillaume, S; Horwood, J; Juhasz, G; Lester, K J; Mandelli, L; Middeldorp, C M; Olié, E; Villafuerte, S; Air, T M; Araya, R; Bowes, L; Burns, R; Byrne, E M; Coffey, C; Coventry, W L ; Gawronski, K A B; Glei, D; Hatzimanolis, A; Hottenga, J-J; Jaussent, I; Jawahar, C; Jennen-Steinmetz, C; Kramer, J R; Lajnef, M; Little, K; Zu Schwabedissen, H M; Nauck, M; Nederhof, E; Petschner, P; Peyrot, W J; Schwahn, C; Sinnamon, G; Stacey, D; Tian, Y; Toben, C; Van Der Auwera, S; Wainwright, N; Wang, J-C; Willemsen, G; Anderson, I M; Arolt, V; Åslund, C; Bagdy, G; Baune, B T; Bellivier, F; Boomsma, D I; Courtet, P; Dannlowski, U; De Geus, E J C; Deakin, J F W; Easteal, S; Eley, T; Fergusson, D M; Goate, A M; Gonda, X; Grabe, H J; Holzman, C; Johnson, E O; Kennedy, M; Laucht, M; Martin, N G; Munafò, M R; Nilsson, K W; Oldehinkel, A J; Olsson, C A; Ormel, J; Otte, C; Patton, G C; Penninx, B W J H; Ritchie, K; Sarchiapone, M; Scheid, J M; Serretti, A; Smit, J H; Stefanis, N C; Surtees, P G; Völzke, H; Weinstein, M; Whooley, M; Nurnberger, J I; Breslau, N; Bierut, L J13-Apr-2021
10-Apr-2019Preliminary Experimental Evaluation of a Behavioral-Cognitive Method of Increasing Life ExcitementPoole, Allison E; Malouff, John M 7-Apr-2021
6-Nov-2013Breaking the Camel's Back: Can Cognitive Overload be Quantified in the Human Brain?Cocks, Bernadine ; Nandagopal, Nanda; Vijayalakshmi, R; Thilaga, M; Dasari, Naga; Dahal, Nabaraj7-Apr-2021
Jul-2020Short video game play improves executive function in the oldest old living in residential careMcCord, Alex; Cocks, Bernadine ; Barreiros, Ana Rita; Bizo, Lewis A 7-Apr-2021
Jan-2020Psychosocial factors and perceived tremor disability in essential tremorThangavelua, Karthick; Talk, Andrew C ; Clark, Gavin I; Dissanayaka, Nadeeka N W7-Apr-2021
2020Cardiovascular Manifestations of Panic and AnxietyTully, Phillip J ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Pedersen, Susanne6-Apr-2021
Apr-2021Involvement and practice of community pharmacists in maternal and child health services: A systematic reviewAyele, Asnakew Achaw; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Cosh, Suzanne ; East, Leah 6-Apr-2021
Aug-2020Estimating classroom-level influences on literacy and numeracy: A twin studyGrasby, Katrina L; Little, Callie W ; Byrne, Brian ; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Larsen, Sally ; Samuelsson, Stefan31-Mar-2021
2018A direct test of the diathesis-stress model for depressionColodro-Conde, L; Couvy-Duchesne, B; Zhu, G; Coventry, W L ; Byrne, E M; Gordon, S; Wright, M J; Montgomery, G W; Madden, P A F; Ripke, S; Eaves, L J; Heath, A C; Wray, N R; Medland, S E; Martin, N G31-Mar-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 783

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