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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2020Tintin: From Violent, Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical PeacenikBranagan, Marty 11-Jun-2021
20-Sep-2020Australian Academy of Science 2020 Fenner Conference on the environment - Managing wild and weedy Australia across boundaries and disciplinesGraham, Sonia; Bartel, Robyn 10-Jun-2021
27-Aug-2020How vulnerable is the alcohol and other drug treatment service sector?van de Ven, Katinka ; Ritter, Alison; Vuong, Thu; Livingston, Michael; Berends, Lynda; Chalmers, Jenny; Dobbins, Tim10-Jun-2021
2019Working with people who use performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs): engagement workshop targeted at healthcare professionalsvan de Ven, Katinka ; de Zeeuw, Tjeerd; Wood, William; Kean, Joseph10-Jun-2021
16-Sep-2019Rare Orchids Rarer: Social Media, Digital Ecopoetics and Environmental Activism in MyanmarRyan, John Charles 10-Jun-2021
2-Apr-2015Here be dragonsHamilton, Andrew J ; May, Robert M; Waters, Edward K9-Jun-2021
Jun-2016Estimating the impact of various pathway parameters on tenderness, flavour and juiciness of pork using Monte Carlo simulation methodsChannon, H A; Hamilton, A J ; D'Souza, D N; Dunshea, F R9-Jun-2021
15-Nov-2016Identification of Preferential Paths of Fossil Carbon within Water Resource Recovery Facilities via Radiocarbon AnalysisTseng, Linda Y; Robinson, Alice K; Zhang, Xiaying; Xu, Xiaomei; Southon, John; Hamilton, Andrew J ; Sobhani, Reza; Stenstrom, Michael K; Rosso, Diego9-Jun-2021
2015Fighting drought with innovation: Melbourne's response to the Millennium Drought in Southeast AustraliaLow, Kathleen G; Grant, Stanley B; Hamilton, Andrew J ; Gan, Kein; Saphores, Jean-Daniel; Arora, Meenakshi; Feldman, David L9-Jun-2021
-Vegetable cultivation as a diversification option for fruit farmers in the Goulburn Valley, AustraliaGupta, Dorin; Davidson, Brian; Hill, Megan; McCutcheon, Aimee; Pandher, Malwinder Singh; Hatton MacDonald, Darla; Hamilton, Andrew John ; Mekala, Gayathri Devi9-Jun-2021
2016Investigation of feeding preferences of GPS monitored sheep in a binary choice experimental design under conditions of spatial uncertaintySheth, F; Benke, K K; Kealy, A; Haznur Rabian, A; Raeside, M; Waters, E K; Hamilton, A J 9-Jun-2021
1-Aug-2015Assessment of public health risk associated with viral contamination in harvested urban stormwater for domestic applicationsLim, Keah-Ying; Hamilton, Andrew J ; Jiang, Sunny C9-Jun-2021
Jan-2016Zoonotic Transmission of Waterborne Disease: A Mathematical ModelWaters, Edward K; Hamilton, Andrew J ; Sidhu, Harvinder S; Sidhu, Leesa A; Dunbar, Michelle9-Jun-2021
Dec-2016Conjunctive howeveritis: A corpus-based analysis of however used as a conjunctionHamilton, Andrew J 9-Jun-2021
16-Jun-2015New approaches narrow global species estimates for beetles, insects, and terrestrial arthropodsStork, Nigel E; McBroom, James; Gely, Claire; Hamilton, Andrew J 9-Jun-2021
19-Jan-2017Waterbird use of farm dams in south-eastern Australia: abundance and influence of biophysical and landscape characteristicsHamilton, Andrew J ; Conort, Chlo√©; Bueno, Aurore; Murray, Christopher G; Grove, James R9-Jun-2021
Jun-2021A highly species-rich jaw-bone artefact from New GuineaHamilton, Andrew J ; Hopwood, Bronwyn 9-Jun-2021
Sep-2016Four famous suicides in history and lessons learned: A narrative reviewHamilton, Andrew J 8-Jun-2021
2015Human and environmental health risks and benefits associated with urban stormwaterJiang, Sunng C; Lim, Keah-Ying; Huang, Xiao; McCarthy, David; Hamilton, Andrew J 8-Jun-2021
2017Do not "let them eat cake": Correlation of food-consumption patterns among rural primary school children from welfare and non-welfare householdsTerry, Daniel; Ervin, Kaye; Soutter, Erin; Spiller, Renata; Nogare, Nicole Dalle; Hamilton, Andrew John 8-Jun-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2264

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