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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2020Mary, Mothers, Lament, and Feminist Theology: The Dead Non-War Heroes of NagasakiMcClelland, Gwyn 23-Oct-2020
Dec-2016The space of conflict: Aboriginal/European interactions and frontier violence on the western Central Murray, South Australia, 1830-41Burke, Heather; Roberts, Amy; Morrison, Mick ; Sullivan, Vanessa23-Oct-2020
2019A geophysical analysis of Aboriginal earth mounds in the Murray River Valley, South AustraliaRoss, Dave; Morrison, Michael ; Simyrdanis, Kleanthis; Roberts, Amy; Moffat, Ian23-Oct-2020
Dec-2017An Analysis of Indigenous Earth Mounds on the Calperum Floodplain, Riverland, South AustraliaJones, Robert; Morrison, Michael ; Roberts, Amy23-Oct-2020
15-Aug-2019Echoes of the Past on the Atomic Field: Water please!McClelland, Gwyn 23-Oct-2020
3-May-2020In the Light of COVID-19: On Doubt, Wars and Dangerous MemoryMcClelland, Gwyn 21-Oct-2020
30-Sep-2020Attitudes towards Medieval and Neomedieval Music in Computer GamesCollyer, Rachel; Stoessel, Jason 15-Oct-2020
2019Cross-Cultural Monitoring of a Cultural Keystone Species Informs Revival of Indigenous Burning of Country in South-Eastern AustraliaMcKemey, Michelle B ; Patterson, Maureen (Lesley); Rangers, Banbai; Ens, Emilie J; Reid, Nick C H ; Hunter, John T ; Costello, Oliver; Ridges, Malcolm ; Miller, Cara 12-Oct-2020
1-May-2020Comparison of historical and modern river surveys reveal changes to waterhole characteristics in an Australian dryland riverPearson, Marita R ; Reid, Michael A ; Miller, Cara ; Ryder, Darren 12-Oct-2020
-Institutionalising federalism in Nepal: operationalising obstacles, procrastinated progressAcharya, Keshav Kumar; Zafarullah, Habib 12-Oct-2020
-Excavations at the Darband-i Rania Pass, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Report on the 2016 and 2017 SeasonsMacGinnis, John; Raheem, Kamal Rasheed; Ismael, Barzan Baiz; Ahmad, Mustafa; Cabral, Ricardo; Dusting, Amanda ; Greenfield, Tina; Hazell, Guy; Iasonos, Achilles; Kertai, David; Miller, Andy; Pabeschitz, Virag; Shepperson, Mary; Cartwright, Caroline; Cibera, Jan; Curtis, Vesta; Dyer, Joanne; Koek, Ewout; Giannese, Alberto; Higgs, Peter; Yusuf, Abdulraqib; Morton, Kate; Pereira-Pardo, Lucia; Proctor, Lucas; Williams, Craig12-Oct-2020
May-2020Do adaptive cycles of floodplain vegetation response to inundation differ among vegetation communities?Thapa, Rajesh ; Thoms, Martin C ; Reid, Michael ; Parsons, Melissa 7-Oct-2020
2018Re-Interpreting Hansai: Burnt Offerings as the Nagasaki Atomic BombMcClelland, Gwyn 7-Oct-2020
1-Jan-2016Remembering the Ruins of the Urakami Cathedral: Providence or Fifth Persecution?McClelland, Gwyn 7-Oct-2020
2017The Mother of Sorrows as HibakushaMcClelland, Gwyn 7-Oct-2020
2015Guilt, Persecution, and Resurrection in Nagasaki: Atomic Memories and the Urakami Catholic CommunityMcClelland, Gwyn 7-Oct-2020
27-Mar-2014Theft of guns from farms and urban crime inextricably linkedHarkness, Alistair 7-Oct-2020
2012Restraints upon the agenda: policy making in Victoria 1982-1992Harkness, Alistair 7-Oct-2020
16-Aug-2016Urban Built-up Area Extraction and Change Detection of Adama Municipal Area using Time-Series Landsat ImagesSinha, Priyakant ; Verma, Niva Kiran ; Ayele, Eskindir2-Oct-2020
-Airborne LiDAR and high resolution multispectral data integration in Eucalyptus tree species mapping in an Australian farmscapeVerma, Niva Kiran ; Lamb, David W ; Sinha, Priyakant 2-Oct-2020
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2014

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