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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2020Boundary Objects in Mathematics Education and Their Role Across Communities of Teachers and Researchers in InteractionRobutti, Ornella; Aldon, Gilles; Cusi, Annalisa; Olsher, Shai; Panero, Monica; Cooper, Jason; Carante, Paola; Prodromou, Theodosia 10-Jul-2020
2020Teachers Involved in Designing MERLO ItemsRobutti, Ornella; Carante, Paola; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Kenett, Ron S10-Jul-2020
2019Enhancing Kuwaiti Teachers' Technology-Assisted Mathematics Teaching PracticesSoliman, Mamdouh; Lavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Al-Kandari, Maryam; Houghton, Tony10-Jul-2020
25-Jun-2019Primary and Middle Years Mathematics: Teaching DevelopmentallyVan de Walle, John; Karp, Karen; Bay-Williams, Jennifer M; Brass, Amy; Bentley, Brendan; Ferguson, Sue; Goff, Wendy; Livy, Sharyn; Marshman, Margaret; Martin, David; Pearn, Cath; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Symons, Duncan; Wilkie, Karina10-Jul-2020
2020Augmented Reality in Educational SettingsProdromou, Theodosia 9-Jul-2020
1-Nov-2018Inquiry-Based Learning in Statistics: When Students Engage with Challenging Problems in STEM DisciplinesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt9-Jul-2020
2020Integrating STEM-related Technologies into Mathematics Education at a Large ScaleLavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Fenyvesi, Kristof; Hohenwarter, Markus; Juhos, Istvan; Koren, Balazs; Diego-Mantecon, Jose Manuel9-Jul-2020
2019Visualisation of Selected Mathematics Concepts with Computers - the Case of Torricelli's Method and StatisticsGuncaga, Jan; Zawadowski, Wacek; Prodromou, Theodosia 6-Jul-2020
Dec-2018Making sense out of the emerging complexity inherent in professional developmentProdromou, Theodosia ; Robutti, Ornella; Panero, Monica6-Jul-2020
11-Dec-2019The Importance of Mindfulness in the Achievement of Optimal Functioning: Conceptualization for Research DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Wang, Hui-Wen; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Ngu, Bing H 29-Jun-2020
3-Jun-2020Future Time Perspective and the Achievement of Optimal Best: Reflections, Conceptualizations, and Future Directions for DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H ; McQueen, Kelvin 28-Jun-2020
2020Validating ‘optimizing’ concepts: the importance of personal resolve, effective functioning, and academic strivingPhan, Huy Phuong ; Ngu, Bing Hiong ; Shih, Jen-Hwa; Lin, Ruey-Yih; Shi, Sheng-Ying; Wang, Hui-Wen28-Jun-2020
1-Jul-2019Constructing Early Childhood Services as Culturally Credible Trauma Recovery Environments: An Exploration of Participatory Barriers and Enablers for Refugee FamiliesLamb, Cherie Suzanne; Sims, Margaret ; Nishida, Yukiyo 23-Jun-2020
8-Jul-2019Constructing Early Childhood Services as Culturally Credible Trauma Recovery Environments: An exploration of participatory barriers and enablers for refugee familiesLamb, Cherie Suzanne; Sims, Margaret ; Nishida, Yukiyo 23-Jun-2020
2019日本の幼児教育における折り紙の発展ーフィレーベル教育理論のい「移動」に関しての変容観点からーNishida, Yukiyo 22-Jun-2020
May-2020Froebelians, "Made in Japan": A History of Kindergarten Teacher Training Courses in Nineteenth-century JapanNishida, Yukiyo 19-Jun-2020
2018Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Froebel?: The Development of Origami in Early Childhood Education in JapanNishida, Yukiyo 19-Jun-2020
Jun-2014中国大学生英语写作心理过程初探Zhang, Zuocheng 19-Jun-2020
8-Jul-2019Nurturing Affiliation: The Interpersonal, Multimodal Work of Stand-up ComediansWilliams, Lindsay; Chan, Eveline ; Devrim, Devo 16-Jun-2020
1-May-2019Nurturing affiliation: The interpersonal, multimodal work of stand-up comediansWilliams, Lindsay16-Jun-2020
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2105

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