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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12-Jun-2020Submission to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security Inquiry - Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020 (Cth) (Submission 7)Carne, Greg 19-Aug-2020
2019MidCoast Council Youth Action Plan: Consultation ReportRuss, Erica ; Robertson, Stuart 24-Jul-2020
Jun-2019Marginal abatement cost curves: assumptions and methodology: Report to TreasuryGraham, Paul; Gordon, Jay; Herrero, Mario ; Kelly, Rob; Moss, Jonathan ; Newth, David; Reedman, Luke; Stewart, Iain; Rendall, Andrew20-Jul-2020
Jun-2020Marginal abatement cost curves: Report for TreasuryGraham, Paul; Stewart, Iain; Gordon, Jay; Moss, Jonathan ; Newth, David; Rendall, Andrew; Reedman, Luke; Kelly, Rob20-Jul-2020
3-May-2019Background Marginal Abatement Cost Curve: Research ReportGraham, Paul; Herrero, Mario ; Kelly, Rob; Moss, Jonathan ; Newth, David; Reedman, Luke; Rendall, Andrew; Stewart, Iain20-Jul-2020
Feb-2013Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and AdaptationWalthall, C L; Hatfield, J; Backlund, P; Lengnick, L; Marshall, E; Walsh, M; Adkins, S; Aillery, M; Ainsworth, E A; Ammann, C; Anderson, C J; Bartomeus, I; Baumgard, L H; Booker, F; Bradley, B; Blumenthal, D M; Bunce, J; Burkey, K; Dabney, S M; Delgado, J A; Dukes, J; Funk, A; Garrett, K; Glenn, M; Grantz, D A; Goodrich, D; Hu, S; Izaurralde, R C; Jones, R A C; Kim, S-H; Leaky, A D B; Lewers, K; Mader, T L; McClung, A; Morgan, J; Muth, D J; Nearing, M; Oosterhuis, D M; Ort, D; Parmesan, C; Pettigrew, W T; Polley, W; Rader, R ; Rice, C; Rivington, M; Rosskopf, E; Salas, W A; Sollenberger, L E; Srygley, R; Stockle, C; Takle, E S; Timlin, D; White, J W; Winfree, R; Wright-Morton, L; Ziska, L H17-Jul-2020
2019Artstate Tamworth 2019 Rapporteurs ReportStoessel, Jason ; Barker, Lorina 25-Jun-2020
2017Why Australia should stop ramping up their steroid laws and help users insteadvan de Ven, Katinka ; Zahnow, Renee28-May-2020
Apr-2019Demand Study for Alcohol Treatment Services in the Northern TerritoryStephens, Donna; Clifford, Sarah; Mellor, Richard; van de Ven, Katinka ; Ritter, Alison; Smith, James A; D'Abbs, Peter; Stevens, Matthew; Dyall, Danielle; Christie, Benjamin28-May-2020
May-2019DPMP submission to the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug 'Ice'Barrett, L; Hughes, C; Ritter, A; van de Ven, K ; Barratt, M; Kowalski, M28-May-2020
May-2019The Potential Role Of The Commonwealth In Responding To Catastrophic DisastersEburn, Michael; Moore, Cameron ; Gissing, Andrew25-May-2020
Dec-2019Best Practice Land Use PlanningCosby, Amy ; Howard, Tanya 8-May-2020
2020Keeping my place in the community: Achieving successful ageing-in-place for people with intellectual disabilitiesHussain, Rafat ; Parmenter, Trevor R ; Knox, Marie ; Janicki, Matthew ; Wark, Stuart 6-May-2020
2016nDiVE: Development of an authentic training environment to support skill acquisition in logistics & supply chain managementReiners, Torsten; Wood, Lincoln; Teras, Hanna; Clarke, Karen; Herrington, Jan; Chang, Vanessa; Gregory, Sue ; Gutl, Christian; Teras, Marko; Fardinpour, Ali; Coldham, George1-May-2020
2016Developing Resources for Pre-service Teachers to Promote Online Teaching SupportMasters, Yvonne ; Gregory, Sue ; Grono, Stephen 1-May-2020
2015Design as a catalyst for engaging students in creative problem solvingWood, Denise; Corso, Ron; Gluth, Stuart; Scutter, Sheila; Lindsay, Noel; Bilsborow, Carolyn; Abrahary, Kazem; de la Harpe, Barbara; Simm, Jenny; Gregory, Sue ; Day, Ingrid; McPherson, Terry1-May-2020
Apr-2018Developing Sustainable Career Pathways for Aged Care Workers: A WA Case StudyBurgess, John; Connell, Julia; Nankervis, Alan; Dhakal, Subas ; Fitzgerald, Scott24-Mar-2020
Nov-2016Reach and scope for Primary Connections online professional learning and development: A sector scan and review of science and literacy initiativesQuinn, Frances ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Adlington, Rachael ; Rizk, Nadya ; Fletcher, Peter ; Reyes, Vicente16-Feb-2020
2017Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learnersGuenther, John; Bat, Melodie; Stephens, Anne; Skewes, Janet; Boughton, Bob ; Williamson, Frances ; Wooltorton, Sandra; Marshall, Melissa; Dwyer, Anna3-Feb-2020
2004Provision of quality attributes in the food marketing chain: an optimization approachBaker, Derek 2-Feb-2020
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 389

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