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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Mar-2021Deiphonus (Δηίφονος, ὁ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021DisabilitiesDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021DivinationDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021FamilyDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Hegesistratus ( Ἡγησίστρατος, ὁ) of ElisDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Hellenodikai (Ἑλληνοδίκαι, οἱ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021MarriageDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Musaeus (Μουσαῖος, ὁ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Olympia (Ὀλυμπίη, ἡ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021PederastyDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Priests and priestessesDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Promeneia (Προμένεια, ἡ)Dillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Teisamenus (Τεισαμενός, ὁ) son of AntiochusDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Women in Ancient GreeceDillon, Matthew 30-Jun-2022
Mar-2021Agariste (II) (Ἀγαρίστη, ἡ) daughter of Hippocrates (3)Dillon, Matthew 29-Jun-2022
25-Mar-2021Nuclear Geographies and Nuclear IssuesAlexis-Martin, Becky; Turnbull, Jonathon; Bennett, Luke; Bolton, Matthew; Davies, Thom; Dunlop, Gair; Hawkins, Dimity; Hogue, Rebecca H; Holloway, Philippa; Malin, Stephanie A; Mangioni, Talei Luscia; Mayoux, Chloe; McClelland, Gwyn ; Meyer, Teva; slavick, elin o'Hara; Ross, Linda27-Sep-2021
2017Creative Insight Method Through Arts-Based ResearchEdwards, Jane Marie 19-Sep-2021
2019ProtectionismScott, Alan 14-Sep-2021
2005Town HallsHarkness, Alistair 7-Sep-2021
2005StrikesHarkness, Alistair 7-Sep-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359

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