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2017Book Review- Off the Plan: The Urbanisation of the Gold Coast, by Caryl Bosman, Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes, and Andrew Leach, Clayton South, CSIRO Publishing, 2016, 200 pp., ISBN 9781486301836Larder, Nicolette 1-Jul-2020
2019Review of Alireza Askari Chaverdi and Pierfrancesco Callieri, Report on the Field Work Carried out by the Iranian-Italian Joint Archaeological Mission in 2008–2009, Oxford: BAR Publishing 2017. Pp. 310. ISBN: 9781407316086Dusting, Amanda 28-Apr-2020
2020Review of Anderson, Elizabeth 'Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don't Talk About It)': Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2017, pp. 209-213Donleavy, Gabriel 21-Apr-2020
Mar-2020A function for the bicameral mindVallortigara, Giorgio; Rogers, Lesley J 16-Apr-2020
1995Review of Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) 'Review of Agricultural Policies: Poland': Organization for Economic, pp. 285 [1995]Baker, Derek 16-Apr-2020
9-Oct-2019Book Review- Food Loss and Food Waste, Causes and Solutions, by Blakeney, Michael. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 2019, 225 pp, ISBN: 978‐1‐78897‐538‐4Baker, Derek 31-Mar-2020
26-Apr-2019Review of 'Knowledge and Global Power: Making New Sciences in the South' by Fran Collyer, Raewyn Connell, João Maia and Robert Morrell, Clayton, Australia: Monash University Publishing, 2018, 217 pp., ISBN 9781925495775Charteris, Jennifer 12-Feb-2020
-Review of 'Radical Collegiality through Student Voice: Educational Experience, Policy and Practice', by Roseanna Bourke and Judith Loveridge (eds.), Springer, Singapore, 2018. 219 pp. ISBN 9789811318573. NZ$155.Charteris, Jennifer 22-Jan-2020
Jan-2018Book Review - Forensic Communication in Theory and Practice: A study of discourse analysis and transcription by Franca Orletti & Laura Mariottini (eds)Fraser, Helen 3-Dec-2019
Apr-2019Book Review - Recomposing Ecopoetics: North American Poetry of the Self-Conscious Anthropocene, by Lynn Keller.Ryan, John Charles 1-Nov-2019
2018Book Review - Christina Stead and the Socialist Heritage, by Michael Ackland.Pender, Anne 1-Nov-2019
Jun-2019Facsimile of the Anne Boleyn Music BookStoessel, Jason 21-Oct-2019
2004Book Review - Guantanamo: What the world should know, by Michael Ratner and Ellen RayCarne, Greg 17-Oct-2019
2010Book Review - The Little Book of Plagiarism, by Richard A. PosnerPerry, Mark 4-Jul-2019
Jun-2018Bertamini, M. Programming Visual Illusions for Everyone. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018; 221 pp.: ISBN 9783319640655, £24.99 Hardback.Apthorp, Deborah 31-May-2019
1-Jan-2011Aldo Ligustro and Giorgio Sacerdoti (eds.), Problemi e tendenze del diritto internazionale dell'economia. Liber amicorum in onore di Paolo Picone, Napoli, Editoriale Scientifica, 2011, pp. 998.Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
1-Jan-2010Sabrina Urbinati, Les mécanismes de contrôle et de suivi des conventions internationales de protection de l’environnement, Milano, Giuffrè, 2009, pp. 387.Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
Apr-2019The Global Climate Regime and Transitional Justice by Sonja Klinsky and Jasmina Brankovic [Routledge, London and New York, NY, 2018, 196pp, ISBN: 978-0-415-78602-7, £115 (h/bk)]Quirico, Ottavio 30-May-2019
30-Apr-2009Larissa Behrendt, Chris Cuneen and Terri Libesman, Indigenous Legal Relations in Australia (Oxford University Press, 2009) 376 ppBurns, Marcelle 30-Apr-2019
2014Indigenous Nations’ Rights in the Balance: An Analysis of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 496

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