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Feb-2024Iron Age copper production and the ‘ritual economy’ of Saruq al-Hadid (Dubai, UAE)Weeks, Lloyd ; Valente, Tatiana; Franke, Kristina ; Contreras, Fernando; Radwan, Mansour Boraik; Zein, Hassan7-Jun-2024
2016Watercourse hydrology: An interesting dilemma for the Gwydir and Warrego-Darling LTIM projectsSouthwell, Mark ; Frazier, Paul ; van der Veer, Nathalie; Stuart, Martin; Ryder, Darren 6-Jun-2024
14-Dec-2016Transdisciplinary implications from contemporary Australian natural product discoveries: Essential oils and saponins in phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, and systematicsSadgrove, N J ; Telford, I R H ; Lyddiard, D ; Collins, T L ; Klepp, J ; Legendre, S V A M ; Bruhl, J J ; Jones, G L ; Greatrex, B W ; Van Wyk, B E6-Jun-2024
2019Post-operative Prescribing Of Opioids At Discharge From Hospital:Spark, M Joy ; Farrah, Mark; Johnston, Lainie M4-Jun-2024
2018Do You Trust Me, Blindly? Factors Influencing Trust Towards a Robot Recommender SystemHerse, Sarita; Vitale, Jonathan ; Tonkin, Meg; Ebrahimian, Daniel; Ojha, Suman; Johnston, Benjamin; Judge, William; Williams, Mary–Anne3-Jun-2024
2015Facilitating Climate Change Adaptation on Smallholder Farms through farmers' collective led on-farm research - the SAF-BIN ProjectRoschinsky, Romana ; Simon, S; Baroi, A; Malla, M; Costa, S G; Pankaj, V D; Aichinger, M; Choudhury, P R; Wurzinger, M1-Jun-2024
2018Be More Transparent and Users Will Like You: A Robot Privacy and User Experience Design ExperimentVitale, Jonathan ; Tonkin, Meg; Herse, Sarita; Ojha, Suman; Clark, Jesse; Williams, Mary-Anne; Wang, Xun; Judge, William31-May-2024
3-Dec-2022Innovative Co-construction of Operational Internationalisation in Higher Education: Sustainable Collaborative Online International LearningDu Plessis, Anna Elizabeth 31-May-2024
2018Event boards as tools for holistic AIGärdenfors, P; Williams, MA; Johnston, B; Billingsley, R; Vitale, Jonathan ; Peppas, P; Clark, J31-May-2024
2021Stimulating the innate immune system to protect livestock against disease: vaccine trialAlexander, A L; Hine, B C; Ingham, A B; Colditz, I G; Doyle, Emma K 31-May-2024
2023Exercise And Ambulatory Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review Of Randomized Controlled Trials With Meta-analysisDecorte, Elise; Dewilde, Camille; Michielsen, Matthijs; Smart, Neil ; Cornelissen, Veronique31-May-2024
13-Jun-2022BRI Projects: Case Studies from Nepal, Sri Lanka and ThailandSmith, Robert 29-May-2024
Feb-2002Super-resolution with an optically-addressable liquid crystal spatial light modulatorMcOrist, J ; Sharma, M D; Sheppard, C J R28-May-2024
2017Embodiment, Privacy and Social Robots: May I Remember You?Tonkin, Meg; Vitale, Jonathan ; Ojha, Suman; Clark, Jesse; Pfeiffer, Sammy; Judge, William; Wang, Xun; Williams, Mary-Anne28-May-2024
2019Integrating Personality and Mood with Agent EmotionsOjha, Suman; Vitale, Jonathan ; Raza, Syed Ali; Billingsley, Richard; Williams, Mary-Anne28-May-2024
2018Assessing radiometric corrections for UAS multi-spectral imagery in horticultural environmentsTu, Yu-Hsuan; Phinn, Stuart; Johansen, Kasper; Robson, Andrew 27-May-2024
28-Nov-2023A journey through course development: The design process for a new early childhood education courseBugden, Lisa; Mok, Angel 27-May-2024
2016The fate of leptin in the digestive tract of miceHart, Robert ; Agnew, Linda ; McFarlane, James Robert 27-May-2024
Oct-2019Tibial mineralization in broilers as influenced by two levels of dietary calcium and phytase during subclinical necrotic enteritisZanu, H K ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S B ; Bedford, M R ; Swick, R A 27-May-2024
2020Loss and waste in the Australian fresh apple value chainRohr, Sarah; Mounter, Stuart ; Fleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry 24-May-2024
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4850

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