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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2020Mary, Mothers, Lament, and Feminist Theology: The Dead Non-War Heroes of NagasakiMcClelland, Gwyn 23-Oct-2020
Dec-2019The influence of exogenous phytase on the post-enteral availability of amino acids in broiler chickens offered wheat-based dietsMoss, Amy F ; Chrystal, Peter V; McQuade, Leon R; Cadogan, David J; Liu, Sonia Yun; Selle, Peter H23-Oct-2020
2020Meddling with Mosaic: reflections and adaptationsRogers, Marg ; Boyd, Wendy23-Oct-2020
12-Apr-2020A Radiographic Technique for Assessment of Morphologic Variations of the Equine Caudal Cervical SpineGee, Christine; Small, Alison; Shorter, Kathleen ; Brown, Wendy Y 23-Oct-2020
2020Improving teacher confidence - evaluation of a pilot music professional development program for primary teachersThorn, Benjamin ; Brasche, Inga 23-Oct-2020
Dec-2016The space of conflict: Aboriginal/European interactions and frontier violence on the western Central Murray, South Australia, 1830-41Burke, Heather; Roberts, Amy; Morrison, Mick ; Sullivan, Vanessa23-Oct-2020
2019A geophysical analysis of Aboriginal earth mounds in the Murray River Valley, South AustraliaRoss, Dave; Morrison, Michael ; Simyrdanis, Kleanthis; Roberts, Amy; Moffat, Ian23-Oct-2020
Dec-2017An Analysis of Indigenous Earth Mounds on the Calperum Floodplain, Riverland, South AustraliaJones, Robert; Morrison, Michael ; Roberts, Amy23-Oct-2020
2020Long-Term Attachments and Complex Cognition in Birds and Humans are Linked to Pre-Reproductive Prosociality and Cooperation. Constructing a HypothesisKaplan, Gisela 23-Oct-2020
Oct-2017Contemporary Scientists Discuss the Need for Openness and Open-Mindedness in Science and SocietyMulhall, Pamela J; Smith, Dorothy V ; Hart, Christina E; Gunstone, Richard F23-Oct-2020
Feb-2011Neo-liberal individualism and a new essentialism: a comparison of two Australian curriculum documentsSmith, Dorothy V 23-Oct-2020
2019Assessment Practices in Teacher Education that Support Sustainability in the Profession: Perspectives from Australia and Sri LankaWickramasinghe, Malka N; Weller, Jacolyn; Smith, Dorothy V 23-Oct-2020
1-Jun-2011One Brief, Shining Moment? The Impact of Neo-liberalism on Science Curriculum in the Compulsory Years of SchoolingSmith, Dorothy Veronica 23-Oct-2020
2012Gender, Science and Essentialism: the use of science to support single-sex schoolingSmith, Dorothy V 23-Oct-2020
Oct-2020Contemporary Scientists and their Interactions with Non-Scientists: Alternative Companion Stories for School CurriculaSmith, Dorothy V ; Mulhall, Pamela J; Hart, Christina E; Gunstone, Richard F23-Oct-2020
-Where are they from? Pre-service educators' views on place and professional identitySmith, Dorothy ; Weller, Jacolyn; Starks, Donna; Kamara, Martha23-Oct-2020
Dec-1993A decade of debate on the schooling of girls in physics: Where are we now?Kearney, Dorothy 23-Oct-2020
Dec-1991The graduate diploma in physics and education: A teacher training initiativeKearney, Dorothy ; Ormiston-Smith, Helen23-Oct-2020
15-Aug-2019Echoes of the Past on the Atomic Field: Water please!McClelland, Gwyn 23-Oct-2020
16-Mar-2020Detecting Banana Plantations in the Wet Tropics, Australia, Using Aerial Photography and U-NetClark, Andrew; McKechnie, Joel 22-Oct-2020
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 14702

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