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-Small SNP panels for breed proportion estimation in Indian crossbred dairy cattleStrucken, Eva M ; Swaminathan, Marimuthu; Gibson, John P 15-Jun-2021
-Dietary soluble non-starch polysaccharide level and xylanase supplementation influence performance, egg quality and nutrient utilization in laying hens fed wheat-based dietsNguyen, Xa H; Nguyen, Hong T; Morgan, Natalie K 15-Jun-2021
-Indigenous women's experiences of diabetes in pregnancy: A thematic synthesisPower, Tamara; Wilson, Denise; East, Leah ; Cashman, Belinda; Wannell, Jasmine; Jackson, Debra 15-Jun-2021
2021Optimisation of dietary energy utilisation for poultry - a literature reviewMusigwa, Sosthene ; Morgan, Natalie ; Swick, Robert ; Cozannet, Pierre; Wu, Shu-Biao 15-Jun-2021
Mar-2021Inference of Ancestries and Heterozygosity Proportion and Genotype Imputation in West African Cattle PopulationsGebrehiwot, Netsanet Z ; Aliloo, Hassan ; Strucken, Eva M ; Marshall, Karen; Al Kalaldeh, Mohammad ; Missohou, Ayao; Gibson, John P 14-Jun-2021
7-Oct-2005Bottom-Feeding PlesiosaursMcHenry, Colin R; Cook, Alex G; Wroe, Stephen 11-Jun-2021
2020Tintin: From Violent, Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical PeacenikBranagan, Marty 11-Jun-2021
2016Turkish truffles 2: eight new records from AnatoliaElliott, Todd F ; Türkoğlu, Aziz; Trappe, James M; Güngör, Mehrican Yaratanakul10-Jun-2021
23-Feb-2017(2491) Proposal to conserve the name Rhizophagus with a conserved type (Fungi: Glomeromycota: Glomeraceae)Walker, Christopher; Trappe, James M; Schüßler, Arthur; Hawksworth, David L; Cazares, Efren; Elliott, Todd F ; Redecker, Dirk; McNeill, John; Redhead, Scott A; Wiersema, John H10-Jun-2021
May-2021Translating evidence-based psychological interventions for older adults with depression and anxiety into public and private mental health settings using a stepped care framework: Study protocolMeuldijk, Denise; Wuthrich, Viviana M; Rapee, Ronald M; Draper, Brian; Brodaty, Henry; Cuijpers, Pim; Cutler, Henry; Hobbs, Megan ; Johnco, Carly; Jones, Michael; Chen, Jessamine T H; Partington, Andrew; Wijeratne, Chanaka10-Jun-2021
2020COVID-19 has required 'crisis leadership'. What does it involve?Charteris, Jennifer 10-Jun-2021
2020Emotional and Physical safety design for students with disabilities in ILEsPage, Angela ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Anderson, Jo 10-Jun-2021
Jul-2019A Prospective Cohort Study of Load and Wellness (Sleep, Fatigue, Soreness, Stress, and Mood) in Elite Junior Australian Football PlayersLathlean, Timothy J H ; Gastin, Paul B; Newstead, Stuart V; Finch, Caroline F10-Jun-2021
27-Jun-2020How is Participating in Suicide Prevention Activities Experienced by Those with Lived and Living Experiences of Suicide in Australia? A Qualitative StudyWayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy; Maple, Myfanwy 10-Jun-2021
Dec-2016Kombocles bakaiana gen. sp. nov. (Boletaceae), a new sequestrate fungus from CameroonCastellano, Michael A; Elliott, Todd F ; Truong, Camille; Séné, Olivier; Dentinger, Bryn T M; Henkel, Terry W10-Jun-2021
7-Jun-2021Organisational factors affecting emergency medical services’ performance in rural and urban areas of Saudi ArabiaAlanazy, Ahmed Ramdan M ; Fraser, John ; Wark, Stuart 9-Jun-2021
Dec-2007A note on pterosaur nesting behaviorGrellet-Tinner, Gerald; Wroe, Stephen ; Thompson, Michael B; Ji, Qiang9-Jun-2021
2-Apr-2015Here be dragonsHamilton, Andrew J ; May, Robert M; Waters, Edward K9-Jun-2021
Jun-2016Estimating the impact of various pathway parameters on tenderness, flavour and juiciness of pork using Monte Carlo simulation methodsChannon, H A; Hamilton, A J ; D'Souza, D N; Dunshea, F R9-Jun-2021
15-Nov-2016Identification of Preferential Paths of Fossil Carbon within Water Resource Recovery Facilities via Radiocarbon AnalysisTseng, Linda Y; Robinson, Alice K; Zhang, Xiaying; Xu, Xiaomei; Southon, John; Hamilton, Andrew J ; Sobhani, Reza; Stenstrom, Michael K; Rosso, Diego9-Jun-2021
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 15621

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