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-Learning linear equations: capitalizing on cognitive load theory and learning by analogyNgu, Bing Hiong ; Phan, Huy P 26-May-2022
3-Mar-2022Why can't we value and pay for the emotional cost of caring?Rogers, Marg ; Jefferies, Diana; Ng, Joanne26-May-2022
2022Hybrid Deep Feature Generation for Appropriate Face Mask Use DetectionAydemir, Emrah; Yalcinkaya, Mehmet Ali; Barua, Prabal Datta; Baygin, Mehmet; Faust, Oliver; Dogan, Sengul; Chakraborty, Subrata ; Tuncer, Turker; Acharya, U Rajendra26-May-2022
28-Jan-2022The Role of Metamorphic Fluid in Tectonic Tremor Along the Alpine Fault, New ZealandChapman, Timothy ; Milan, Luke ; Vry, Julie25-May-2022
May-2022Pollination service delivery is complex: Urban garden crop yields are best explained by local canopy cover and garden scale plant species richnessMcDougall, Robert ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Latty, Tanya; Jones, Jeremy ; Rader, Romina 25-May-2022
8-Mar-2022Using Causal Loop Diagrams to Conceptualize Groundwater as a Social-Ecological SystemBouchet, Louis; Thoms, Martin C ; Parsons, Melissa 25-May-2022
22-Nov-2013Human detection in surveillance videos and its applications - a reviewPaul, Manoranjan; Haque, Shah M E; Chakraborty, Subrata 25-May-2022
Feb-2022Growth in information technology governance and new frontiersAdams, Michael 25-May-2022
Jun-2022Older residents' perceptions of loneliness in long-term care facilities: A qualitative studyHuang, Pi-Hua; Wang, Shou-Yu ; Hu, Sophia H; Chuang, Yeu-Hui25-May-2022
1-Feb-2022Five Different Lives after Suffering from Spinal Cord Injury: The Experiences of Nurses Who Take Care of Spinal Cord Injury PatientsWang, Shou-Yu ; Hong, Shih-Ru; Tan, Jung-Ying25-May-2022
22-Mar-2022Strengthening Immigration Support for Agricultural Labor Migration and Ending Modern Day "Harvest of Shame" A Comparative Study of the American and Australian ApproachesChen, Ying 24-May-2022
7-Apr-2022Predicting willingness to be vaccinated for Covid-19: Evidence from New ZealandKaine, Geoff; Wright, Victor ; Greenhalgh, Suzie24-May-2022
Jan-2015Contextualising Multilingualism in Australia TodayCox, Robyn 24-May-2022
4-Apr-2022Managerialism is driving the crisis in early childhood educationRogers, Margaret 24-May-2022
Jan-2015'What Language are You?' A Glimpse into Multilingual ChildhoodsCox, Robyn 24-May-2022
4-Apr-2022The top five ways COVID places harsher burdens on educators. There's an urgent need for changeRogers, Margaret ; Boyd, Wendy; Sims, Margaret 24-May-2022
31-Mar-2017''Aquí hubo masacres.'' Conmemorando a los muertos en la frontera colonialDavidson, Iain 24-May-2022
Apr-2022Oxide enrichment by syntectonic melt-rock interactionGhatak, Hindol; Gardner, Robyn L; Daczko, Nathan R; Piazolo, Sandra; Milan, Luke 24-May-2022
-Understandings and experiences of adherence to secondary prevention for patients with cardiovascular disease and comorbid depression or anxietyCosh, Suzanne M ; Pinto, Ronette; Denson, Linley; Tully, Phillip J 24-May-2022
1-Mar-2017Lingua receptiva: Position paper on the European Commission's Skills Agendaten Thije, Jan D; Gooskens, Charlotte ; Daems, Frans; Cornips, Leonie; Smits, Mieke24-May-2022
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 17431

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