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1Oct-2023Opening Horizons Between Antiquity and Today at Melbourne MuseumKozlovski, Alina 4-Feb-2024
2Sep-2022How to curate a centaur and other stories of mythmaking in museumsKozlovski, Alina 18-Oct-2023
32021FAKE ORIGINALS AND ORIGINAL COPIES: The Bust of Julius Caesar at the Museum of Classical Archaeology, CambridgeKozlovski, Alina 5-Apr-2024
4Oct-2020Hugh Last Rome Award: Remembering Romulus: curatorial approaches to regal RomeKozlovski, Alina 5-Feb-2024
52019When did Vesuvius erupt? The evidence for and against August 24Lapatin, Kenneth; Kozlovski, Alina 11-Apr-2024
62018Collectors, Scholars, and Forgers in the Ancient World: Object LessonsKozlovski, Alina 18-Jan-2024

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Kozlovski, Alina
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Lecturer in Digital Innovation (Ancient History and Archaeology)
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Faculty of HASS & Education
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School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
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