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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11989The Impact of Alternative Land Tenure and Administration on Pastoral Property Management and Land ConditionRobertson, Andrew Gordon; Musgrave, Warren 25-Jun-2013
21987The Impact of Water Distribution Rules on Farm Production and Incomes: A Simulation ApproachViswanathan, K Kuperan; Musgrave, Warren 14-Jan-2013
31986Technical Change and Yield Variability in Nepalese AgricultureBaidya, Subhakar; Musgrave, Warren 25-Jun-2013
41986Farm Planning: A Business Management PerspectiveWright, Victor Edward; Musgrave, Warren 20-Nov-2015
51984Residential Demand for Water in the Lower Hunter Valley: Estimates and Policy ImplicationsMcDonald, Alexander David; Musgrave, Warren 11-Apr-2013
61976Technological Change in Australian Agriculture, 1920-21 to 1969-70Powell, Roy Alfred; Musgrave, Warren ; Dillon, John6-Jan-2016

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Musgrave, Warren
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Emeritus Professor
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