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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
121-Jun-2023Pre-Processing Training Data Improves Accuracy and Generalisability of Convolutional Neural Network Based Landscape Semantic SegmentationClark, Andrew ; Phinn, Stuart; Scarth, Peter14-Sep-2023
2Apr-2023Optimised U-Net for Land Use–Land Cover Classification Using Aerial PhotographyClark, Andrew ; Phinn, Stuart; Scarth, Peter14-Sep-2023
32023A Multifaceted Approach to Developing an Australian National Map of Protected Cropping StructuresClark, Andrew ; Shephard, Craig ; Robson, Andrew ; McKechnie, Joel ; Morrison, R Blake; Rankin, Abbie2-May-2024
416-Mar-2020Detecting Banana Plantations in the Wet Tropics, Australia, Using Aerial Photography and U-NetClark, Andrew ; McKechnie, Joel 22-Oct-2020
52012A Paddock to reef monitoring and modelling framework for the Great Barrier Reef: Paddock and catchment componentCarroll, Chris; Waters, David; Vardy, Suzanne; Silburn, David M; Attard, Steve; Thorburn, Peter J; Davis, Aaron M; Halpin, Neil; Schmidt, Michael; Wilson, Bruce; Clark, Andrew 15-Sep-2023
61-Dec-2010Alternatives to Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper for operational monitoring of vegetation cover: considerations for natural resource management agenciesGill, Tony; Clark, Andrew ; Scarth, Peter; Danaher, Tim; Gillingham, Sam; Armston, John; Phinn, Stuart14-Sep-2023
7Sep-2008Identification of dust transport pathways from Lake Eyre, Australia using HysplitMcGowan, Hamish; Clark, Andrew 14-Sep-2023
8Jun-2008A vertical profile of PM10 dust concentrations measured during a regional dust event identified by MODIS Terra, western Queensland, AustraliaMcGowan, Hamish A; Clark, Andrew 14-Sep-2023

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Andrew Clark
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Clark, Andrew
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Senior Research Fellow
School of S&T - Physics and Electronics
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
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School of Science and Technology
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