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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12-Nov-2019Dietary hydrolysed yeast cell wall extract is comparable to antibiotics in the control of subclinical necrotic enteritis in broiler chickensAhiwe, E U ; Chang'a, E P ; Abdallh, M E ; Al-Qahtani, M ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S ; Graham, H; Iji, P A 26-Aug-2020
215-Oct-2019Evaluation of Feed Quality and Supply to the Small-to-Medium-Scale Poultry Sector in TanzaniaChang'a, Edwin peter ; Iji, Paul ; Gibson, John ; Said Mbaga10-Jan-2024
3Aug-2019Evaluation of feed quality and supply to the small-to-medium-scale poultry sector in Tanzania - DatasetChang'a, Edwin peter ; Iji, Paul ; Gibson, John ; Mbaga, Said10-Jan-2024

Credit Name
Edwin Chang'a
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Chang'a, Edwin
Chng'a, Edwin Peter
Chng'a, E P
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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