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1Aug-2022Noticed and then Forgotten: Gender in Alcohol Policy Stakeholder Responses to Alcohol and ViolenceFarrugia, Adrian; Moore, David; Keane, Helen; Ekendahl, Mats; Graham, Kathryn; Duncan, Duane 26-Jul-2022
22022Making gender along the way: women, men and harm in Australian alcohol policyDuncan, Duane ; Keane, Helen; Moore, David; Ekendahl, Mats; Graham, Kathryn12-May-2022
32022Obscuring Gendered Difference: The Treatment of Violence in Australian Government Alcohol PolicyDuncan, Duane ; Moore, David; Keane, Helen; Ekendahl, Mats16-May-2022
41-Dec-2021Displacements of gender: Research on alcohol, violence and the night-time economyMoore, David; Duncan, Duane ; Keane, Helen; Ekendahl, Mats29-Mar-2022
5Aug-2020Exploring Diversity in HIV Research in the Sexual Partnerships of Australian Gay and Bisexual MenPhilpot, Steven P; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Prestage, Garrett; Grierson, Jeffrey; Ellard, Jeanne; Duncan, Duane 19-Apr-2022
6Jan-2020Enacting alcohol realities: Gendering practices in Australian studies on 'alcohol-related presentations' to emergency departmentsMoore, David; Keane, Helen; Duncan, Duane 27-Apr-2022
7Jul-2018Men and masculinity in men's magazines: A reviewWaling, Andrea; Duncan, Duane ; Angelides, Steven; Dowsett, Gary W29-Apr-2022
82018Negotiating gay men's relationships: how are monogamy and non-monogamy experienced and practised over time?Philpot, Steven P ; Duncan, Duane ; Ellard, Jeanne; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Grierson, Jeffrey; Prestage, Garrett26-Apr-2022
9Nov-2017How partnership type and HIV seroconcordance affect HIV transmission risk in regular sexual partnerships: a cross-sectional survey of Australian gay and bisexual menBavinton, Benjamin R; Grulich, Andrew E; Duncan, Duane ; Zablotska, Iryna B; Prestage, Garrett P27-Apr-2022
10Jul-2017Hepatitis B testing and diagnosis experiences of patients and primary care professionals in AustraliaRichmond, Jacqueline; Smith, Elizabeth; Wallace, Jack; Duncan, Duane ; Lucke, Jayne26-Jul-2022
112017Partnership agreements less likely among young gay and bisexual men in Australia - data from a national online survey of gay and bisexual men's relationshipsKolstee, Johann; Philpot, Steven; Grierson, Jeffrey; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Duncan, Duane ; Prestage, Garrett27-Apr-2022
122016Gay and bisexual men's interest in marriage: an Australian perspectivePhilpot, Steven P; Ellard, Jeanne; Duncan, Duane ; Dowsett, Gary W; Bavinton, Benjamin R; Down, Ian; Keen, Phillip; Hammoud, Mohamed A; Prestage, Garrett17-Aug-2017
132016The Meaning of 'Regular Partner' in HIV Research Among Gay and Bisexual Men: Implications of an Australian Cross-Sectional SurveyBavinton, Benjamin R; Duncan, Duane ; Grierson, Jeffrey; Zablotska, Iryna B; Down, Ian A; Grulich, Andrew E; Prestage, Garrett P4-Sep-2017
142015Trust, Commitment, Love and Sex: HIV, Monogamy, and Gay MenDuncan, Duane ; Prestage, Garrett; Grierson, Jeffrey7-May-2015
152015Online Dating Among Australian Gay and Bisexual Men: Romance or Hooking Up?Prestage, Garrett; Bavinton, Benjamin; Grierson, Jeffrey; Down, Ian; Keen, Phillip; Bradley, Jack; Duncan, Duane 18-Sep-2015
162015'I'd much rather have sexual intimacy as opposed to sex': Young Australian gay men, sex, relationships and monogamyDuncan, Duane ; Prestage, Garrett; Grierson, Jeffrey1-Oct-2015
172014Flexibility in Men's Sexual Practices in Response to Iatrogenic Erectile Dysfunction after Prostate Cancer TreatmentDowsett, Gary W; Lyons, Anthony; Duncan, Duane ; Wassersug, Richard J6-Feb-2015
182013Advancing Sexuality Studies: a short course on sexuality theory and research methodologiesFletcher, Gillian; Dowsestt, Gary W; Duncan, Duane ; Slavin, Sean; Corboz, Julienne9-Feb-2015
192013Diagnostic and Outcome Differences Between Heterosexual and Nonheterosexual Men Treated for Prostate CancerWassersug, Richard J; Lyons, Anthony; Duncan, Duane ; Dowsetta, Gary W; Pitts, Marian9-Feb-2015
202013Prostate Cancer Information Needs of Australian Gay and Bisexual MenWong, W K Tim; Lowe, Anthony; Dowsett, Gary W; Duncan, Duane ; O'Keefe, David; Mitchell, Anne24-Feb-2015
212013What a difference a gay makes: The constitution of the 'older gay man'Leonard, William; Duncan, Duane ; Barrett, Catherine30-Jun-2015
222012Review of 'Plural masculinities: the remaking of the self in private life', by Sofia Aboim: Farnham, UK, Ashgate, 2010, 196 pp., £55.00 (hardback), ISBN 9780754674672Duncan, Duane 24-Feb-2015
232011Review of 'Body panic: gender, health and the selling of fitness', by Shari L. Dworkin and Faye Linda Wachs: New York and London, New York University Press, 2009, 272 pp., US$22.00 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-8147-1968-8Duncan, Duane 24-Feb-2015
242010Review of 'Sex, technology and public health', by Mark Davis: Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, 208 pp., £50.00 (hardback), ISBN 9780230525627Duncan, Duane 24-Feb-2015
252010"There's No Teleology to It; It's Just about the Spirit of Play": Men, Intimacy, and "Late" ModernityDuncan, Duane ; Dowsett, Gary W9-Feb-2015
262010Embodying the gay self: Body image, reflexivity and embodied identityDuncan, Duane 9-Feb-2015
272010Gay men, body identity and the politics of visibilityDuncan, Duane 9-Feb-2015
282007Out of the Closet and into the Gym: Gay Men and Body Image in Melbourne, AustraliaDuncan, Duane 10-Feb-2015
292006The 'Evidence' of Sex, the 'Truth' of Gender: Shaping Children's BodiesCostello, Lauren; Duncan, Duane 10-Feb-2015
302005Professionals becoming researchers: Collective engagement and difficulties of transformationBird, Lise; Duncan, Duane ; Cornforth, Sue; Roberson, Shirley3-Nov-2015
31-'Damn, Channing Tatum can move!': Women's accounts of men's bodies and objectification in post-feminist timesWaling, Andrea; Duncan, Duane ; Angelides, Steven; Dowsett, Gary W8-Apr-2022

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