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1Oct-2019Assessing resilience to underpin implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality: A case study in the rangelands of western New South Wales, AustraliaCowie, A L ; Waters, C M ; Garland, F; Orgill, S E; Baumberd, A; Cross, R; O'Connell, D; Metternicht, G22-Mar-2024
22008Victorian Turns, NeoVictorian Returns: Essays on Fiction and CultureGay, Penny; Johnston, Judith; Waters, Catherine Mary 16-Aug-2009
32008Commodity Culture in Dickens's Household Words: The Social Life of GoodsWaters, Catherine Mary 16-Aug-2009
42008"Fairy Palaces" and "Wonderful Toys": Machine Dreams in 'Household Words'Waters, Catherine Mary 28-Aug-2009
52008Introduction to 'Victorian Turns, NeoVictorian Returns'Waters, Catherine Mary ; Johnston, J7-Sep-2009
62007'Fashion in undress': Clothing and Commodity Culture in Household WordsWaters, Catherine Mary 1-May-2009
72006Reforming CultureWaters, Catherine Mary 12-May-2009
82003"Trading in Death": Contested Commodities in 'Household Words'Waters, Catherine Mary 21-Feb-2012
92002Great ExhibitionismWaters, Catherine Mary 1-May-2009
102002Matthew Campbell, Jacqueline M. Labbe, and Sally Shuttleworth, eds., 'Memory and Memorials, 1789–1914: Literary and Cultural Perspectives': Routledge Studies in Memory and Narrative. London: Routledge, 2000. Pp. xiv + 237, 3 illustrations. ISBN 0-415-22976-6 (HB).Waters, Catherine Mary 15-Jul-2009
112001Gender, family, and domestic ideologyWaters, Catherine Mary 19-Aug-2009

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Dr Catherine Waters
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Waters, Catherine M
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