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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2019Identification of New QTL Contributing to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus-PAV (BYDV-PAV) Resistance in WheatChoudhury, S; Hu, H; Fan, Y; Larkin, P; Hayden, M; Forrest, K; Birchall, C ; Meinke, H; Xu, R; Zhu, J; Zhou, M4-Apr-2022
27-Jun-2019Factors affecting the competitive ability of triticale (× Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus.) against annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum Gaudin)Khalaf, Husam Saadi Mohammed; Sindel, Brian ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Jessop, Robin ; Birchall, Craig 11-Jan-2024
3Dec-2018A screening method to detect BYDV-PAV resistance in cereals under glasshouse conditionsChoudhury, S; Al-Shammari, D; Hu, H; Meinke, H; Westmore, G; Birchall, C ; Larkin, P; Zhou, M4-Apr-2022
42018Rainfall-related opportunities, risks and constraints to rainfed cropping in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar as defined by soil water balance modellingCornish, Peter S; Birchall, Craig ; Herridge, David ; Denton, Matthew; Guppy, Christopher 10-May-2018
51-Dec-2017Effect of Frost on Triticale and Wheat Varieties at Flowering in the North Eastern Australian Cereal BeltTshewang, S; Jessop, Robin ; Birchall, Craig 4-Apr-2022
62016Polyphagy in an uncertain environment: 'Helicoverpa punctigera' in inland AustraliaGregg, Peter ; Henderson, George ; del Socorro, Alice ; Le Mottee, Kristian ; Birchall, Craig 14-Dec-2016
72012Sustainable Grains Production Course - building grains industry futuresBirchall, Craig ; Coleman, Michael ; Harrop, Felicity; Fettell, Neil ; Sindel, Brian M 31-Mar-2014
82011Frost Tolerance in Triticale and Other Winter Cereals at FloweringTshewang, Sangay; Jessop, Robin ; Birchall, Craig 11-Oct-2011
92011Influence of nitrogen fertilization and isoxaflutole on the nodulation of chickpea ('Cicer arietinum')Datta, Avishek ; Sindel, Brian M ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Birchall, Craig ; Jessop, Robin S ; Felton, Warwick14-Aug-2013
102006Differential response of chickpea genotypes to isoxaflutoleDatta, Avishek ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Birchall, Craig ; Felton, W18-Jan-2010
112006Effects of soil pH on isoxaflutole injury to tolerant and sensitive chickpea genotypesDatta, Avishek ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Jessop, Robin Stephen ; Birchall, Craig ; Guppy, Christopher ; Felton, W25-Oct-2012

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Craig Birchall
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Birchall, Craig
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Associate Lecturer
School of E&RS - Agronomy and Soil Science
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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