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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
17-Oct-2011The Failure of Noble Sentiments: Bogimbah Mission on Fraser IslandArmstrong, Sandra; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan T ; Ihde, Erin 16-Jan-2012
22010Foreword to 'Golden Words and A Golden Landscape'Atkinson, Alan T 4-May-2011
32008Russel Ward: Settlement and ApotheosisAtkinson, Alan Thomas 27-Apr-2009
42007Speech, Children and the Federation MovementAtkinson, Alan Thomas 14-Aug-2009
52006High Lean Country: Land, People and Memory in New EnglandAtkinson, AT ; Ryan, JS ; Davidson, I ; Piper, A 5-Aug-2008
62006Collecting and Presenting the PastMcLennan, Nicole; Oates, William ; Piper, A ; Atkinson, AT 5-Aug-2008
72006Travelling and CommunicatingAtkinson, Alan Thomas ; Atchison, John Francis 6-May-2009
82006What is New England?Atkinson, Alan Thomas 6-May-2009
92006Sunshine, Snow, Wind and RainHobbs, Jack; Atkinson, Alan Thomas 6-May-2009
102006Colonial SettlementAtkinson, Alan Thomas ; Atchison, John Francis 6-May-2009
1120052005 Eldershaw Memorial Lecture: Tasmania and the Multiplicity of NationsAtkinson, AT 2-May-2008
122004The Europeans in Australia: A History: Volume 2; DemocracyAtkinson, AT 29-Jul-2008
132004Do good historians have feelings?Atkinson, Alan Thomas 29-May-2009
142003Historians and moral disgustAtkinson, Alan Thomas 4-May-2009
152003'He filled us full of laughter': Contact and Community in Australian ExperienceAtkinson, AT 31-Jul-2008
162003Heritage, Self, and PlaceAtkinson, Alan Thomas 22-May-2009
172002The Commonwealth of Speech: An Argument About Australia's Past, Present and FutureAtkinson, AT 29-Jul-2008

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