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1Oct-2019Has Thailand learnt any Lessons from the Bowring Treaty and the Treaty of Amity?Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Smith, Robert Brian 27-Sep-2023
228-May-2019Investor-state dispute settlement and infrastructure projects: a potential impediment to good engineering and planning outcomes in Australia?Smith, R B ; Smith, N N29-Sep-2023
32019Harmonisation of Laws in ASEAN: The Issue of LanguageSmith, Robert Brian 1-Feb-2024
42019Sustainability: Lenders Know Best - A Practitioner’s ViewSmith, Robert B 10-Jan-2024
520-Dec-2018Sustainability: Lenders know Best: A Practitioner’s ViewSmith, Robert Brian 22-May-2024
626-Nov-2018Sustainable Infrastructure Requires Sustainable Institutions – a Role for UniversitiesSmith, Robert Brian ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom4-Apr-2024
7Jul-2018Bilateral Investment Treaties - a Potential Trap for Developing Economies: A Lesson from ThailandSmith, Robert Brian ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom27-Sep-2023
8Dec-2015Geopolitics, Free Trade Agreements and ThailandSmith, Nucharee Nuchkoom ; Smith, Robert Brian 29-Sep-2023
9Nov-2015Innovative Solutions for Energy Conservation Through Commercial and Domestic Demand Side ManagementSmith, Darryl Robert; Smith, Robert Brian 29-Sep-2023
102015Observations of an Accidental TouristSmith, Robert Brian 31-Jan-2024
112015Recent Development of an Emissions Trading Scheme in ThailandSmith, Robert ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Smith, Darryl Robert5-Dec-2023
1221-Mar-2014FIT and its implementation in Thailand: Legal Measures, Implementation, Challenges, and SolutionsSmith, Robert Brian ; Smith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Smith, Darryl Robert31-Oct-2023
132014Trade Dispute over Prawns/Shrimps based on SPS Agreement – the Australian PracticeSmith, Nucharee Nuchkoom; Smith, Robert Brian 9-Feb-2024

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Robert B Smith
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Smith, Robert Brian
Smith, Robert B
Smith, Robert Brian
Smith, R B
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Dr Robert Smith graduated with a BSc in 1969 and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Education, Engineering and Law. He holds a PhD in engineering and has submitted his PhD thesis in law at the University of New England, Australia, where he has already been awarded an MPhil in law. Over the last 12 years, Robert has undertaken consulting in international development, specialising in institutional strengthening. He has led international teams in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh. He is a prolific writer in the fields of law and international development. His MPhil investigated “Fake News in ASEAN” whilst his PhD thesis, by publication, investigated “IP Frameworks and Innovation in the Agricultural Sector in Southeast Asia – A Legal Perspective.” All the papers prepared as part of the thesis research and forming eight of the thesis Chapters have been published as either book chapters, academic papers or conference proceedings. He aims to share his knowledge and experience with the broader community so that they can learn from and build on what he has written. His main research interests include ASEAN law, intellectual property law, fake news and international development.
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