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15-Nov-2021Leadership development among public health officials in Nepal: A grounded theorySubedi, Sudarshan; MacDougall, Colin; McNaughton, Darlene ; Saikia, Udoy; Brabazon, Tara18-Apr-2024
2Jul-2021Implications for clients when nurses view weight as main cause of Type 2 diabetes in primary careSmith, Cynthia J; McNaughton, Darlene A ; Meyer, Samantha B11-Apr-2024
3Dec-2020Critical consciousness development: a systematic review of empirical studiesPillen, Heath; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul R3-Apr-2024
42019Innovating Qualitative Framing Analysis for Purposes of Media Analysis Within Public Health InquiryFoley, K; Ward, P; McNaughton, D 11-Apr-2024
52018'It's Just about the Crime, Not the Victim': Critical Insights from Australian Service Providers Working with People Who Have Been TraffickedGeorge, Emma; Tsourtos, George; McNaughton, Darlene 27-Mar-2024
6Feb-2015Ethical Use of Social Media to Facilitate Qualitative ResearchLunnay, Belinda; Borlagdan, Joseph; McNaughton, Darlene ; Ward, Paul27-Mar-2024

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