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Researcher profiles
Full NameORCiDSchool
Cocks, Bernadine0000-0002-0101-6894School of Psychology
Anderson, Joanna0000-0002-6171-0909School of Education
Haines, Jolene ElizabethSchool of Psychology
Asnakew Ayele0000-0001-7837-7228School of Health
Mackay, Keith David0000-0003-1691-2226School of Environmental and Rural Science
Broomhall, Anne Gene0000-0003-0796-8084School of Psychology
Gray, GeorgeSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
Kocek, TaraSchool of Psychology
Paquet, Lili0000-0001-5300-1689School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Adeniji, Saidat0000-0002-9670-0321School of Education
Paul, Nicola0000-0001-8423-8742School of Psychology
Veliz, Leonardo0000-0003-2489-7484School of Education
Thai Van Nguyen0000-0002-0003-9680School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Wakjira, Wole Kinati0000-0002-4791-9802School of Psychology
Shearer, KateSchool of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
De Pascalis, Vilfredo0000-0003-4594-8877School of Psychology
Dorji, Kinley0000-0003-3779-8776School of Environmental and Rural Science
Heddle, Thomas Charles0000-0002-6621-6889School of Environmental and Rural Science
Paul, David0000-0002-2428-5667School of Science and Technology
Nolan, Huw0000-0003-1712-8855School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Manu, Emmanuel KwakuUNE Business School
Duan, Carson Zuoliang0000-0001-5459-9352UNE Business School
Forster, NicolaSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
Pinniger, RosaSchool of Psychology
Warburton, Steven0000-0001-5443-4531Education Futures
Islam, AFM FakhrulSchool of Environmental and Rural Science
East, Leah0000-0002-4757-2706School of Health
Gebeyehu, Daniel Teshome0000-0002-3325-4571School of Health
Wiltshire, Ian Bernard0000-0003-1975-7962UNE Business School
Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish John0000-0001-7336-0953Faculty of HASS and Education
Zhang, Zuocheng0000-0002-1780-4748School of Education
Maniam, Vegneskumar0000-0001-7676-1154School of Education
James, GraemeSchool of Health
Zaccone, Sophie KathrynSchool of Psychology