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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Reconstructing the diet of a 505-million-year-old arthropod: 'Sidneyia inexpectans' from the Burgess Shale faunaZacai, Axelle; Vannier, Jean; Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy 6-Oct-2016
22015Amber fossils demonstrate deep-time stability of Caribbean lizard communitiesSherratt, Emma; del Rosario Castaneda, Maria; Garwood, Russell J; Mahler, D Luke; Sanger, Thomas J; Herrel, Anthony; de Queiroz, Kevin; Losos, Jonathan B9-Oct-2015
324-Jun-2015The Relationship between Cranial Structure, Biomechanical Performance and Ecological Diversity in Varanoid LizardsMcCurry, Matthew R; Mahony, Michael; Clausen, Phillip D; Quayle, Michelle R; Walmsley, Christopher W; Jessop, Tim S; Wroe, Stephen ; Richards, Heather; Mchenry, Colin R11-May-2021
41-Feb-2007Bite forces and evolutionary adaptations to feeding ecology in carnivoresChristiansen, Per; Wroe, Stephen 11-May-2021
511-Apr-2018Computer simulations show that Neanderthal facial morphology represents adaptation to cold and high energy demands, but not heavy bitingWroe, Stephen ; Parr, William C H; Ledogar, Justin A ; Bourke, Jason; Evans, Samuel P; Fiorenza, Luca ; Benazzi, Stefano; Hublin, Jean-Jacques; Stringer, Chris; Kullmer, Ottmar; Curry, Michael; Rae, Todd C; Yokley, Todd R12-May-2021
613-Jan-2016Moa diet fits the bill: virtual reconstruction incorporating mummified remains and prediction of biomechanical performance in avian giantsAttard, Marie R G ; Wilson, Laura A B; Worthy, Trevor H; Scofield, Paul; Johnston, Peter; Parr, William C H; Wroe, Stephen 12-May-2021
7Feb-2007A reply to comment by Brook et al. "Would the Australian megafauna have become extinct if humans had never colonized the continent?"Wroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith12-May-2021
8Oct-2007High-resolution Three-Dimensional Computer Simulation of Hominid Cranial MechanicsWroe, Stephen ; Moreno, Karen; Clausen, Philip; Mchenry, Colin; Curnoe, Darren25-May-2021
9May-2020Morphometric analysis of the hominin talus: Evolutionary and functional implicationsSorrentino, Rita; Carlson, Kristian J; Bortolini, Eugenio; Minghetti, Caterina; Feletti, Francesco; Fiorenza, Luca ; Frost, Stephen; Jashashvili, Tea; Parr, William; Shaw, Colin; Su, Anne; Turley, Kevin; Wroe, Stephen ; Ryan, Timothy M; Belcastro, M Giovanna; Benazzi, Stefano19-May-2021
1012-Apr-2017Open data and digital morphologyDavies, Thomas G; Rahman, Imran A; Lautenschlager, Stephan; Cunningham, John A; Asher, Robert J; Barrett, Paul M; Bates, Karl T; Bengtson, Stefan; Benson, Roger B J; Boyer, Doug M; Braga, José; Bright, Jen A; Claessens, Leon P A M; Cox, Philip G; Dong, Xi-Ping; Evans, Alistair R; Falkingham, Peter L; Friedman, Matt; Garwood, Russell J; Goswami, Anjali; Hutchinson, John R; Jeffery, Nathan S; Johanson, Zerina; Lebrun, Renaud; Martínez-Pérez, Carlos; Marugán-Lobón, Jesús; O'Higgins, Paul M; Metscher, Brian; Orliac, Maëva; Rowe, Timothy B; Rücklin, Martin; Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R; Shubin, Neil H; Smith, Selena Y; Starck, J Matthias; Stringer, Chris; Summers, Adam P; Sutton, Mark D; Walsh, Stig A; Weisbecker, Vera; Witmer, Lawrence M; Wroe, Stephen ; Yin, Zongjun; Rayfield, Emily J; Donoghue, Philip C J11-May-2021