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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Landscapes of Research: Perceptions of Open Access (OA) Publishing in the Arts and HumanitiesGross, Julia; Ryan, John C 15-May-2017
22019The #Rhetoric of Waleed Aly's "Send Forgiveness Viral": Is Rogerian argumentation an appropriate response to racism?Paquet, Lili 12-Jun-2019
32013Zoo-illogical ExhibitionO'Sullivan, Jane21-Oct-2014
42016Writing for transition: The role of food studies in the general academic writing classroomWilliamson, Rosemary A 13-May-2016
52010The Role of Culture, Workgroup Membership, and Organizational Status on Cooperation and Trust: An Experimental InvestigationLoh, Jennifer; Smith, Joanne R; Restubog, Simon Lloyd D29-Apr-2011
62010Attitudinal outcomes of boundary permeability: A comparison of Australian and Singaporean employeesLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy10-May-2011
72012Online Collaboration: Using Roleplay to Develop Skills in Resolving ConflictStewart, Cherry ; Edwards, Helen 17-Apr-2014
82015Matrilineal Narratives: Learning from Voices and ObjectsNye, Adele ; Barker, Lorina ; Charteris, Jennifer 18-Nov-2016
92014Ain't it beautiful?: The conceptualization of beauty from an ethnopragmatic perspectiveGladkova, Anna ; Romero-Trillo, Jesus17-Dec-2013
102012Engaging Creative Communities in an Industrial City Setting: A question of enclosureGibson, Chris; Gallan, Ben; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013