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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Exploring the interweaving of contrary currents: transnational policy enactment and path-dependent policy implementation in Australia and JapanTakayama, Keita 16-Feb-2016
22017Towards de-cold-war politics: Nationalism, democracy and new politics of/for education in JapanTakayama, Keita 5-Jul-2017
32017'nihonban' hihanteki kyoikugaku/kyoikukenkyu o soshitsu suru: hihanteki chi no datsu seiyoka ni muketeTakayama, Keita 20-Jul-2017
42017Imagining Sociology of Education OtherwiseTakayama, Keita 23-Jul-2018
52017Thinking with/through the Contradictions of Social Justice in Teacher Education: Self-Reflection on NETDS ExperienceTakayama, Keita ; Jones, Tiffany ; Amazan, Rose 21-May-2017
62018PISA, Tiger Parenting and Private Coaching: The discursive construction of 'the Asian' in the globalised education policy fieldTakayama, Keita 16-May-2018
72016Untangling the global-distant-local knot: the politics of national academic achievement testing in JapanTakayama, Keita 12-Mar-2018
82016Predicaments of 'Particularity' and 'Universality' in Studies of Japanese EducationTakayama, Keita 15-Mar-2018
92017Imagining East Asian education otherwise: Neither caricature, nor scandalizationTakayama, Keita 23-May-2017
102017Putting 'Fast Policy' in dialogue with the policy borrowing and lending scholarship in comparative educationTakayama, Keita 21-May-2017