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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Anxiety and aggression associated with the fermentation of carbohydrates in the hindgut of ratsHanstock, Tanya; Clayton, EH; Li, KM; Mallet, PE4-Aug-2011
22003Anxiety following increased hind-gut fermentationHanstock, Tanya; Claytons, EH; Mallet, PE2-Feb-2012
32011Using Structural Equation Modeling to Examine McCollough Effects (Orientation-Contingent Color Aftereffects): Influence of Dissociative Experiences and Age on Illusory AftereffectsGrimbeek, Peter; Jamieson, Graham ; Gow, Kathryn2-May-2012
42009hypnosisJamieson, Graham 14-May-2012
52008The Heritability of Human Behavior: Results of Aggregating Meta-AnalysesMalouff, John Michael ; Rooke, Sally Erin ; Schutte, Nicola 25-Nov-2009
6Feb-2021Postural sway in first-degree relatives of individuals with schizophreniaBolbecker, Amanda R; Apthorp, Deborah ; Bartolomeo, Lisa A; O'Donnell, Brian F; Hetrick, William P16-Mar-2021
72005Cingulate Cortical Coding of Context-Dependent Latent InhibitionTalk, Andrew ; Stoll, Elizabeth; Gabriel, Michael2-Dec-2009
82004Effects of Conditioning During Amygdalar Inactivation on Training-Induced Neuronal Plasticity in the Medial Geniculate Nucleus and Cingulate Cortex in Rabbits ('Oryctolagus cuniculus')Talk, Andrew ; Kashef, Alireza; Gabriel, Michael2-Dec-2009
92003Visual scanpaths to threat-related faces in deluded schizophreniaGreen, MJ; Williams, LM; Davidson, Dean20-Sep-2012
102003Visual scanpaths and facial affect recognition in delusion-prone individuals: Increased sensitivity to threat?Green, MJ; Williams, LM; Davidson, Dean20-Sep-2012

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