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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Multivariate relationship among body protein, fat, and macrominerals of male and female Saanen goats using canonical correlation analysisVargas, Julian Andres Castillo; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Harter, Carla Joice; Souza, Anaiane Pereira; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida20-Aug-2020
2Jan-2013Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the non-carcass components and the meat of lambs fed sunflower seeds and vitamin ELins Lima, Natalia Ludmila; da Silva Sobrinho, Americo Garcia; de Almeida, Fabiana Alves; Endo, Viviane; Brancacci Lopes Zeola, Nivea Maria; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Moraes Sampaio, Alexandre Amstalden19-Aug-2020
3Jul-2014Allometric growth of non-carcass components in crossed lambsFurusho Garcia, Iraides Ferreira; Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga, Tharcilla Isabella; Olalquiaga Perez, Juan Ramon; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Gallo, Sarita Bonagurio; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia; Alves, Nadja Gomes; Pereira Alvarenga, Flavio Augusto24-Aug-2020
41-Oct-2017Sex effects on macromineral requirements for growth in Saanen goats: A meta-analysisVargas, J A C; Almeida, A K ; Souza, A P; Fernandes, M H M R; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
5Nov-2015Protein requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsde Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; da Silva, Simone Pedro; Soares, Diogo da Costa; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida19-Aug-2020
61-Aug-2015Energy requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsAlmeida, A K ; Resende, K T; St-Pierre, N; Silva, S P; Soares, D C; Fernandes, M H M R; Souza, A P; Silva, N C D; Lima, A R C; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
72016Características da carcaça de cordeiros alimentados com dietas contendo feno de amoreiraCirne, Luis Gabriel Alves; Sobrinho, Americo Garcia da Silva; de Almeida, Fabiana Alves; Santana, Valeria Teixeira; Endo, Viviane; Zeola, Nivea Maria Brancacci Lopes; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane 24-Aug-2020
8Jul-2019Ageing-freezing/thaw process affects blooming time and myoglobin forms of lamb meat during retail displayAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Hopkins, David L; Ramos, Eduardo M; Almeida, Amelia K ; Geesink, Geert 30-Oct-2019
9Sep-2020Effect of feeding an immune modulator to multiparous Holstein cows during the dry period and early lactation on health, milk and reproductive performanceCasarotto, L T; Laporta, J; Ferreira, K; Davidson, B D; Moy, K; Almeida, A K ; Chapman, J D; Mclean, D J; Kirk, D J; Barbu, N I; Ouellet, V; Dahl, G E25-May-2020
102010The effect of repeated testing on judgement biases in sheepDoyle, Rebecca Elise; Vidal, Stephanie; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Fisher, Andrew D; Boissy, Alain; Lee, Caroline 27-Apr-2011

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