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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jan-2013Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the non-carcass components and the meat of lambs fed sunflower seeds and vitamin ELins Lima, Natalia Ludmila; da Silva Sobrinho, Americo Garcia; de Almeida, Fabiana Alves; Endo, Viviane; Brancacci Lopes Zeola, Nivea Maria; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Moraes Sampaio, Alexandre Amstalden19-Aug-2020
2Jul-2014Allometric growth of non-carcass components in crossed lambsFurusho Garcia, Iraides Ferreira; Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga, Tharcilla Isabella; Olalquiaga Perez, Juan Ramon; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Gallo, Sarita Bonagurio; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia; Alves, Nadja Gomes; Pereira Alvarenga, Flavio Augusto24-Aug-2020
3Nov-2015Protein requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsde Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; da Silva, Simone Pedro; Soares, Diogo da Costa; Fernandes, Marcia Helena Machado da Rocha; Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida19-Aug-2020
41-Aug-2015Energy requirements for growth in male and female Saanen goatsAlmeida, A K ; Resende, K T; St-Pierre, N; Silva, S P; Soares, D C; Fernandes, M H M R; Souza, A P; Silva, N C D; Lima, A R C; Teixeira, I A M A24-Aug-2020
5Jan-2015Protein and energy requirements of castrated male Saanen goatsFerreira, Angela Cristina Dias; Yanez, Enrique Alejandro; de Medeiros, Ariosvaldo Nunes; de Resende, Kleber Tomas; Pereira Filho, J M; Machado da Rocha Fernandes, Marcia Helena; Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Molina de Almeida Teixeira, Izabelle Auxiliadora19-Aug-2020
6Dec-2014Energy Requirements in Early Life Are Similar for Male and Female Goat KidsBompadre, T F V; Boaventura Neto, O; Mendonca, A N; Souza, S F; Oliveira, D; Fernandes, M H M R; Harter, C J; Almeida, A K ; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A19-Aug-2020
7Feb-2012Performance, carcass characteristics and non-carcass components of Texel × Santa Ines lambs fed fat sources and monensinSoares, Sandro Braga; Furusho-Garcia, Iraides Ferreira; Pereira, Idalmo Garcia; Alves, Danilo de Oliveira; da Silva, Guilherme Rodrigues; de Almeida, Amelia Katiane ; Lopes, Clenardo Macedo; Barbosa Sena, Janaina Adna20-Aug-2020
82012Mob-based walk-over weights: similar to the average of individual static weights?Brown, David; Savage, Darryl ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Semple, S J20-May-2013
91-Aug-2017The potential benefit of corn dried distillers' grain (co)products (DDG) fed alone or in combination with ionophore and condensed tannin to mitigate methane emission in cattleFonseca, M; Crossland, W L; Norris, A B; Almeida, A K ; Tedeschi, L O20-Aug-2020
102019Energy requirements for maintenance of growing Saanen goats considering degree of maturitySouza, A P; St-Pierre, N R; Fernandes, M H M R; Almeida, A K ; Vargas, J A C; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A29-May-2020