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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014MomentMcDonald, William 6-Jan-2015
22014The interaction between phenomenology and religionPage, James S 9-Jan-2015
32007The Tree of Life: Agency and Immortality in a Metaphysics Inspired by Quantum TheoryForrest, Peter 6-Aug-2009
42009Why Richard Swinburne Won't 'Rot in Hell': A Defense of Tough-minded TheodicyForrest, Peter 10-Mar-2010
52010Spinozistic Pantheism, the Environment and ChristianityForrest, Peter 16-May-2011
61999G*d's Excludedness: Beyond Language, Beyond the World: A Levinasian Reading of Ekklesia GynaikonGray, Frances Marie19-Aug-2009
72014Is God Finished? The Impact of Science and Secularism on Our Thinking and Our LivingFranklin, Richard L6-Feb-2015
82013Animals, Place, People and Story: Relational Identities in Sacred Australian CountryMcLean, Lesley 23-Jan-2015
92008A Third Way: Explicating the Post in Post-Christian FeminismGray, Frances Marie; Phillips, K13-Aug-2009
102011Missing the Point Many Times Over? Australian Philosophical AtheismForrest, Peter 18-Jun-2012