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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Geochemical provenience of 16th-19th century C.E. Asian ceramics from Torres Strait, northeast AustraliaGrave, Peter ; McNiven, Ian J6-Aug-2013
22009Characterizing Asian Stoneware Jar Production at the Transition to the Early Modern Period, 1550-1650Grave, Peter ; Maccheroni, Michael14-Mar-2012
32015Asian Stonewares in the Early Modern Period: global processes and local consequencesGrave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Maccheroni, Michael5-Jan-2016
42009Melting Moments: Modelling archaeological high temperature ceramic dataGrave, Peter 9-Mar-2010
52018New dates for old kilns: A revised radiocarbon chronology of stoneware production for Angkorian CambodiaMarriner, Gary ; Grave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Stark, Miriam T; Ea, Darith; Chhay, Rachna; Kaseka, Phon; Suy, Tan Boun25-Jul-2018
62013Scaling ceramic provenience at Lydian Sardis, Western TurkeyKealhofer, Lisa ; Grave, Peter ; Marsh, Ben13-Mar-2013
72013Cultural dynamics and ceramic resource use at Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Troy, northwestern TurkeyGrave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Hnila, Pavol; Marsh, Ben; Aslan, Carolyn; Thumm-Dograyan, Diane; Rigter, Wendy8-Jan-2013
82012Geochemical characterisation of north Asian glazed stonewares: a comparative analysis of NAA, ICP-OES and non-destructive pXRFMitchell, Darren; Grave, Peter ; Maccheroni, Michael; Gelman, Evgenia13-Jun-2012
92017Differentiating Khmer Stoneware Production: An NAA Pilot Study from Siem Reap Province, CambodiaGrave, Peter ; Stark, M; Ea, D; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Tan, B S; Tin, T11-Jan-2017
1013-May-2019Consumption and exchange in Early Modern Cambodia: NAA of brown-glaze stoneware from Longvek, 15th-17th centuriesPolkinghorne, Martin; Morton, Catherine Amy; Roberts, Amy; Popelka-Filcoff, Rachel S; Sato, Yuni; Vuthy, Voeun; Thammapreechakorn, Pariwat; Stopic, Attila; Grave, Peter ; Hein, Don; Vitou, Leng14-Jul-2020