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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006MusicMaddox, Richard Peter23-Mar-2012
22013Facing the methodological challenges of re-using previously collected data in a qualitative inquiryFoster, Dennis J; Hays, Terrence N; Alter, Frances 23-May-2013
3May-2019It’s not what you sing, it’s how you sing it: How the emotional valence of vocal timbre influences listeners’ emotional perception of wordsSpreadborough, Kristal L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 18-Mar-2019
42012Divine Art: Three Musicians Reveal the Nature of the Profession in Early Twentieth-Century AustraliaGame-Lopata, Jennifer 15-Nov-2012
52009Identity and Locality in Early European Music, 1028-1740Stoessel, Jason 18-Dec-2009
62014Encoding medieval music notation for researchStinson, John; Stoessel, Jason 13-Nov-2014
72009The Significance of Tantric Sects for Drum Practice in the Central HimalayasAlter, Andrew9-Mar-2010
82017Melbourne, University of Melbourne Library, Special Collections, Rare Music, MS LHD 244: InventoryStoessel, Jason ; Herlinger, Jan; Cummins, Linda Page14-Feb-2018
92017The Making of Louise Hanson-Dyer Manuscript 244Stoessel, Jason 22-Feb-2018
10Nov-2018Comparing medieval and modern musical listening habitsStoessel, Jason ; Spreadborough, Kristal ; Anton-Mendez, Ines 29-Mar-2019