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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002'Japanese music' can be popularde Ferranti, H 30-Jun-2008
22012Introduction to 'Colonial Modernity and East Asian Musics'de Ferranti, Hugh ; Yamauchi, Fumitaka15-May-2013
32013Music, Modernity and Locality in Prewar Japan: Osaka and Beyondde Ferranti, Hugh ; Tokita, Alison18-Feb-2015
42012Colonial Modernity and East Asian Musicsde Ferranti, Hugh ; Fumitaka, Yamauchi15-May-2013
52008The Kyushu 'Biwa' Traditionsde Ferranti, Hugh 8-Sep-2009
62010オーストラリアにおける和太鼓の受容と土着化――ハイブリッドのオーストラリア太鼓音楽までの道de Ferranti, Hugh 25-Mar-2012
72006Japan beating: The making and marketing of professional 'taiko' music in Australiade Ferranti, H 30-Jun-2008
82003Transmission and Textuality in the Narrative Traditions of Blind Biwa playersde Ferranti, H 18-Jul-2008
92009The Last Biwa Singer: A blind musician in history, imagination and performancede Ferranti, Hugh 1-Jun-2011
102007Musical life in regional cities of the 1920s and '30s: a preliminary consideration of Kawagoede Ferranti, Hugh 4-Nov-2009