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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Australia: a land of plenty (of legislative regimes)Burns, Kylie; Loughnan, Arlie; Lunney, Mark ; Willis, Sonya23-Apr-2017
22010Act of State Doctrine in the Antipodes: The Intersection of National and International Law in Naval Constabulary OperationsMoore, Cameron 30-Mar-2010
32007Wrongful Interference with GoodsLunney, Mark 24-Aug-2009
42007Capacity to Commit a Tort and to SueLunney, Mark 24-Aug-2009
52012Employers' Liability and Workers' Compensation: AustraliaLunney, Mark 22-Apr-2013
62007Intentional Interference with the PersonLunney, Mark ; Mitchell, P24-Aug-2009
72010Damage Caused by GMOs under Australian Law: AustraliaLunney, Mark 22-Jul-2013
82013Trespass, The Action on the Case and TortLunney, Mark 17-Sep-2013
92017Product Liability in the Rest of the WorldBourie, Enrique Barros; Fagan, Anton; Lunney, Mark ; Perry, Ronen27-Jun-2018
102013Australian Tort Law: Unity, Fragmentation and ComplexityLunney, Mark 2-Jun-2014